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URGENT: Clear the Confusion that clouds the Jubilee

There are many books, videos and sermons that are causing confusion in the minds of those who really want the truth. Why has this cloud moved in to deceive and lead people astray?

I have had to deal with it myself simply because I recognized that of all the important prophecies that have been given to us concerning, the transition from this age into the Kingdom, the Jubilee is one of the most critical to understanding. It is as though the forces of the deceivers, which include both demons and fallen angels, are at work against understanding and wisdom.

I wrote in an earlier blog about the anti-Messiah, (Anti-Christ for those of you who are fond of only the Greek version). John, the Apostle, wrote that the anti-messiahs (plural) were already at work deceiving the MASSES. That is what YAHU-SHUA (“Jesus” for those of you who are fond of only the Greek version) prophesied would happen.

“Multitudes will come in My Name, and say that I am the Christ, and would deceive the MASSES.”

And that has in fact happened.
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END TIME: END of Gentile Rule Coming! Israel’s Deliverance Immanent!

Maybe you have heard about this, or maybe not. But the gentiles have been ruling the earth now for almost 2520 years. Their rule started after the House of Judah was taken captive and has continued to this day. What will that mean for the world? Should we be concerned?

The Book of Daniel begins with Daniel coming face to face with Nebuchadnezzar the leader of Babylonia. The Babylonians took the House of Judah captive because they had strayed from the Torah (Instructions) and began following Babylonian ways. Yahua was angered by their departure from the Torah, and He turned His back on them and allowed them to be taken captive, just as He said when He made the covenant with them in the wilderness.

In other words, Judah did not choose life. And neither did the Israelites of the northern kingdom – the House of Israel headed by Ephraim. They were taken captive by the Assyrians centuries earlier.

During the time of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a giant statue with a head of gold, breastplate and arms of silver, stomach and thighs of brass, two legs of iron, and feet mixed with iron and clay. He didn’t understand the dream, and sought for answers. But he made a demand in order to tell whether or not the teller was gifted enough to tell him the truth. He demanded that they tell him the dream, and its meaning. Of course, they balked.
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END TIME: Message for Feast of Firstfruits 2009

What does “Prepare the way” really mean? This is a special High Day. It will have a powerful impact on individuals and the nations in the next age — more than most people have ever imagined. But right now something else has happened on this day that will have a deep spiritual impact on those of us living during this end time.

This day on the calendar revealed to Enoch is the High Day of the Feast of Firstfruits. It was preceded by seven complete weeks (the Feast of Weeks) during which time no harvest of grain was to be consumed. The seven weeks represent the “Seven Weeks” or ages of Enoch’s vision during which time humanity has been given the chance to try to figure what on earth they are doing?

This High Day is also the first day of the Eighth Week. And during the Eighth Week they will come to understand their purpose with clarity and precision. At that time, all will know why they are alive, where they are heading, and why. They will also know how they will achieve this, and who they were destined to become!

When John the Baptist delivered his message to the people of Judah, he was acting as a helper to the One (Yahua/Yahsua) who would come later. John’s job was to open or prepare a way for the “sheep” to find their Shepherd.

Here is the story.

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Enoch’s Calendar, Natsarim, and Witnesses

If you are following Enoch’s calendar you would know that the day of this writing is the Sabbath, and is the last day of the fifth week in the “Feast of Weeks.” One interesting fact of this seven week period leading up to the Feast of Firstfruits, was the prohibition instruction in the Torah about not eating any grain. I just heard a giant gulp!

Here is the quote, about which I have written …

And you do not eat bread or roasted grain or fresh grain until the same day that you have brought an offering [Wave Loaves] to your Elohim – a law forever in all your dwellings. (Lev 23:16)

What does this mean for us?

For some, it probably is “proof” that there are some “nuts” in the world. But for those with insight and understanding, it should mean that there will be no “harvest” (speaking of resurrection and eternal life) during this time.

And that is exactly what the Scriptures teach concerning those pesky seven “weeks” of Enoch’s vision. …

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END TIME: The Torah, The Feast of Weeks, The Feast of First-fruits — the Good News

The time of this writing is on the 46th Day of Enoch’s Calendar, which was given to him by direct revelation from the Messenger Uriel. The 46th Day is also the Seventh Day or Sabbath of the Week and last Day of the Third Week in the Feast of Weeks. We are now marching through, Day by Day and Week by Week, the Seven Weeks of the Festival. When the Weeks are complete, the very next Day after the Seven Weeks is the 75th Day of the Year and the 15th Day of the third Month.

It is called the Feast of First-fruits …

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DESTINY: Promises, Promises, Promises …

Continued from: Who in the world do we think we are?!

What if you had a parent who made promises that you knew he or she would keep — no matter what? That would be pretty “cool,” would it not? Unfortunately, our parents, as good as they may have been, lacked one thing, the same thing we lack, the power to carry out what we promise. I know there are some who understand the importance of keeping their word, and if they can’t, they know to keep the mouth shut.

But what if I told you that there was one, the ultimate parent, who first gave us life, as parents do, and then had the power to make and to keep promises that affect our life today?

In my last post (which started this series on “Who in the world do we think we are?!”) I alluded to the fact that we really don’t have a good answer to that question. We don’t really know.

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How the Exodus and the Resurrection Align with Enoch’s Calendar

The influence of Enoch can be found throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. This Bible study shows that the book of Exodus and the Crucifixion and Resurrection provides some of the strongest evidence that the calendar revealed to Enoch is in force and supported by powerful events.

The “Revealed” calendar from the Enoch’s “Book of the Luminaries,” one of the books in I Enoch, sets pattern that persists from quarter to quarter and from year to year. The first day of the month is always on a solar event, that is, either an equinox or a solstice. The first day of the month always starts at sunset and is the fourth day of the week. Each month is thirty days long, and an extra day is added as the 31st day of the third month. There are exactly fifty-two weeks in each year.

The weekly Sabbaths are always on the same days of each quarter and the same days of the year. This means that if we know on what day of the month a weekly Sabbath occurs, then we can relate that to a position on the Revealed calendar. For example, if we read that a Sabbath is on the 16th day of the month, we know that would be the second month of the quarter. As noted, all quarter follow the same pattern.

Evidence from Exodus: First Month

Does what happened during the weeks before and after being delivered from Egypt, provide support for the Jewish lunar calendar or for the Revealed calendar given by the Messenger Uriel to Enoch?

In the Bible in Exodus 12 Eyahuwah begins to align the people of Israel with the revealed calendar. First He declares the start of the year: …

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Hebrew Letters, Numbers, and Their Meaning (Revised)

The Hebrew Alphabet contained special meanings for each letter, perhaps from the very beginning. For example, the word for “EL” combines two letters Aleph and Lamed. Aleph originally was a pictograph of an “Ox”, and Lamed of a “shepherd’s staff.” Together the ancient Hebrew word, EL, means “Powerful Leader who keeps us together and on the right path.”

REVISIONS: Research revealed that some clarity was required for the numbers and the letters for 5, 6, 7, 50, 60, 70 and 500, 600, 700. Creation, both physical and spiritual, is a merging of male and female. The physical side is a metaphor for the spiritual. And these concepts are embedded in the symbols of the proto-Hebrew letters. When this is brought into focus then another mystery is solved. The number of man is 666! The number of woman is 555. And the result of the union is 777. Also we should think of this as 6 + 60 + 600, and so forth, because that is the progression of the letters. Remember there are three phases: The “conception” followed by the first manifestation in the womb (growth in the womb), the comes the final manifestation when the entity is born to live forever. Though we have a physical existence now, it is not our final and only life. We are physically alive, but spiritually living in the womb. Later we will be born-again from the spirit. Then we will grow and fulfill our reason for having Life.

Man being represented by 666 is a powerful way to show those with understanding that the coming world leader, prophesied to John in Revelation, will demonstrate great spiritual power, though he will not resurrect the dead. However, this one, after all, is only a man! Whereas those without understanding will think that one is God and the Messiah!

Ancient and Modern Hebrew Letters Compared
The Hebrews considered that they were yoked to EL, who taught them how to walk with God [EL]. The word “Elah” means the “Powerful Leader who keeps us together and wraps his arms around us.” And “Elahim” is the plural of “Elah” or “Powerful Leaders who do the same as Elah.” (The modern Hebrew spelling of these names, Eloah and Elohim, are a departure from the use of the ancient Hebrew vowels aleph, he, yod, vau.)

For example, the Tetragammatron, [yod, he, vau, he] is all vowels, contrary to popular opinion and practice, and would be pronounced “ee, ah, oo, ah.” If sung, as intended, then the change from vowel sound to vowel sound causes the mouth to naturally form transitional consonants, thus: “EE, y, AH, h, OO, w, AH.” To not say or sing this Name, or to make substitution for it, is considered by the Scriptures to be an abomination.

And all day long my name is constantly blasphemed. Therefore my people will know my name; therefore in that day they will know that it is I who foretold it. Yes, it is I. Isaiah 52.

Hebrew is a theological language and the letters themselves express a relation with the Creator that transcends any other. The letters are divided into three groups of nine letters, each group is 10 times “more powerful” than its predecessor. Contained within these groups is a message that tells about the creation as a process of thought, followed by a manifestation of the thought, followed by a final or Great Manifestation that was the original purpose of the Great Plan.

Involved in the process is the testing of those in the first manifestation to filter out any who succeed in overcoming the bad, death, and the negative and obtain, during their mortal life in the first manifestation, the Eternal Life while still in the flesh. These are called the FirstFruits and a High day on the 15th day of the 3rd month of the Revealed calendar celebrates their Life. According to the Torah, no firstfruits were to be harvested during the first seven weeks (or ages) leading up to the eighth age of right-ruling.

And from the day after the Sabbath from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, you shall count for yourselves seven completed Sabbaths. Until the day after the seventh Sabbath (you count fifty days), then you shall bring a new grain offering to Eyahuwah. Bring from your dwellings for a wave offering two loaves of bread, of two-tenths of an ephah of fine flour. They are baked with leaven: the Firstfruits to Yahua! Leviticus 23:14-17

Each of the letters contains the modern Hebrew character, its numeric value, its name, the descriptive name of its ordinal symbol from the ancient Hebrew pictograph alphabet, and its meaning.

If you wish to download both Modern Hebrew and the Ancient Hebrew alphabets you can do so by clicking on the links below:

Modern Hebrew

Ancient Hebrew

Conceptual. It all starts in the Mind, in Consciousness.

ALEPH (OX): {ah,eh} The dual principle, in the mind of the All Powerful, Wise and Understanding Creator, that represents an image of all that exists and all that does not exist, the positive and the negative, life and death.

BETH (HOUSE or TENT): {b,bh} The symbol of all habitations (places where things live) and receptacles. It is the symbol of anything that “contains.”

GIMEL (FOOT):{g} The activity or the motion of contained, limited existence or nonexistence. It is ALEPH in BETH.

DALETH (DOOR): {d} The archetype of physical existence. The conceptual planned prototype of physical existence. “I am the door. whoever enters through me will be saved.” John 10:9

HE (ARMS): {h,e,ah} The principle or concept of universal life. The female principle behind creation. The arms hold or bind, as in a covenant or as in love.

VAU or WAW (PEG): {w,o,u} is the archetype of male fertilization that is required for creation.

ZAYIN (MATTOCK): {z} The completed fertilizing act. Creation follows. Actually the proto-Hebrew is more of a “plow” which prepares the soil to accept the seed. Conception.

CHETH (WALL): {hh} The enclosure of all unevolved cosmic energy (like the mind or consciousness.) “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.”

TETH (BASKET): {th} The symbol of the initial female energy. That gives birth to the creation.

Physical and Spiritual Creation

YOD (HAND): {y,i,ee} The opposite of Aleph where Aleph represents concepts that could change, YOD is a symbol of what exists in a steady state, continuity.

CAPH (PALM of the hand): {k,kh} The archetype or prototype of receivers, or containers, from which other containers are copies.

LAMED (STAFF): {l} The principle of the conscious connecting link. For example, it is the shepherds staff with a hook.

MEM (WATER): {m} The archetype of the maternal creative principle. The womb, where the creation waits for birth. (Born of Water)

NUN (SEED): {n} The archetype of all individual existences. All physical life comes from a seed or sperm and from the egg. All Spiritual life comes from spiritual conception.

SAMEKH (PROTECT): {s} The archetype of male fertility or sperm and the protective gonads.

AYIN (EYE): {silent} The illuminating principle behind the act of conception. That life either physical or spiritual comes from the same process. The (mystical) union between male and female.

PE (MOUTH): {p,ph} The opening from which comes all unevolved cosmic energy. “For out of the mouth come evil thoughts.”

TZADDI (SIDE): {ts} The symbol of womanhood. The female “side” (mistranslated “rib” ) was taken from Man leaving Man with only the male side.

The Final Manifestation of Life

QOPH (HORIZON): {q} The exalted state of Aleph. The end of death and the negative. Ancient Hebrew letter pictures a sun splitting the horizon line. The sun sets on death and rises on Life.

RESH (HEAD): {r} The archetype of universal cosmic containers. The English word “raise” comes from this word. The symbol of a head that has been raised up to contain full knowledge.

SHIN (TEETH): {sh} The Spirit of Elah. Some say the “Teeth Shine.” But the face does shine, when full of joy and peace and the set-apart Spirit. A full smile causes the teeth to show.

TAU (MARK or SIGN): {t} The copies of All cosmic existence. They carry the likeness of their Father. “He that has seen me has seen the Father.”

Final CAPH (PALM of the hand): {gh} The final attainment of individual existence as conceived at the beginning. Like the ARMS above that grasped at the time of conception, the PALM of the Hand now holds what was dreamed about, and waited in the womb, and is now manifested in Reality.

Final MEM (WATER): {m} The cosmic state of fertility in Man, both in mind and body. The Father as the Conceiver of Eternal Life. Androgynous Man becomes a cosmic creator. Note the change of emphasis from 6 and 60.

Final NUN (SEED): {n} the interplay between cosmic energies (symbolized by male and female) leading to greater creation.

Final PE (MOUTH): {p,ph} Like Pe[80] and Cheth[8] from the mouth eternal words forever shape the future.

Final TZADDI (SIDE): {ts} The eternal force or archetype of womanhood as part of future creation [the ruach or Holy Spirit is the Mother]. Physical men and woman are born-again as individual “Sons” in the final manifestation. The two “sides” of the “proto-Man”, like the two loaves of the Wave Loaves Offering, remain separate and equal “Sons” in the eyes of their Family [Elahim]

Some believe that Hebrew was the first language ever spoken. I have no reason to doubt that possibility. I also believe that Hebrew, in its best form and sound, will be restored to become the language of all for the ages to come.

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