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END TIME: The Anti-Messiah Message. Do you know what it is?

While many are looking for the “Anti-Christ” to suddenly appear and scare the dickens out of the world, others are ridiculing the idea that an Anti-Christ will appear. Both views come from the same source: blindness and the apostasy!

What would happen if the world suddenly found out that there are very many anti-Messiah messengers active today? And what would they think if the real anti-Christ teachers started their great deception thousands of years ago, as a result of the split from the Jewish Apostles?
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END TIME: Abomination of Desolation: Who it is and What this means

In the Prepare the Way World Radio broadcast of August 25, 2010, the subject of Tyre was covered. This includes chapters 26-28 of the book of Ezekiel. During the broadcast it became clear that this was a special part of scripture that had both historical significance and was a prophecy for our day and time. What was revealed was what the abomination that makes desolate is and what we should know about it, and who it really is. However, the most important message was that the “abomination” is actively at work now, and the people he is using don’t even know it.

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END TIME: Second Quarter ENOCH Calendar starts with shocking events!

The second quarter on the Enoch Calendar for 2010-2011 has just begun. Although the revelation of the Calendar to Enoch by Uriel indicated that each quarter started with a solar event (either equinox or solstice) that is not possible at this time because the earth does not follow a circular orbit. However, because the Calendar is a 364-day calendar and because the start of the Calendar with the spring equinox is emphasized in the revelation, we can reconstruct it with the combination of the spring equinox and the 364 days.

Why is this important?

All critical prophecies that are related to days, years, times, and appointed days in accordance with the Enoch Calendar – and no other calendar.
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END TIME: Project Enoch, 2012, and the Occult?

Ah, how fascinating are the speculations of doomsday. Volumes of stuff have been written by wannabe prophets. And even more mysterious is the flight away from the true prophets to the “wisdom” of tribal shamans and priests who, lacking TV to keep them preoccupied, spent the nights gazing with wonder into the heavens.

But that is not all.

Bible scholars, who also ignore the prophets, devised a way to search the mysteries of Hebrew letter pattern combinations in a strange Bible Code that seems to tell them exactly what they want to hear.

But now it seems that everyone is getting into the 2012 craze, just like they did with the Y2K (2,000) thingus. The fact that I have worked with computers and programming for 40 years helped me see the foolishness of that mental distortion. Nothing happened.

But 2012? Hmm, let’s see. We hear about the astronomical event of our solar system passing through the equator of our galaxy. I even wrote about that event, but I felt there was something missing. There was! We have been passing through the equator of our galaxy since the late 1980s and will continue on this course through 2016! But I guess there has been too much Monty Python for most people, as the general consensus is that come the winter solstice of 2012 we will go “bonk” into the equator and all hell will break loose.

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Deception, Apostasy — How These Affect Your Spiritual Life

What is deception? How would you know when you have been deceived? And what is apostasy? How do these two evils work together?

Both of these forces have been at work ever since mankind arose from the swamp. Well, some believe we climbed up from “pond scum.” (That belief could be the result of deception, could it not?) Some don’t think so. Other’s have made a career of it. Both want you to agree with them.

But is that deception?

Or is it simply a lack of knowledge? After all there are no surviving witnesses, and even the proto-man or woman could not give testimony as to how they came to be, could they? Unless they were told.

Therefore, it is no surprise to realize that this entire world, people, nations, language, whatever, have been thoroughly deceived.

And, according to the written prophecies, it will get worse before deception of the masses is purged from humanity.

Here is where it gets difficult.

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CONTEXTUAL THOUGHT? Ahmadinejad, Academia, and the Next Age

After listening to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak to the audience at Columbia, it became apparent that there was a “phenomena” at work in the minds of all who spoke that day. This is a mystery, because we are not aware of how this works even in our minds. I call this contextual thinking — and it affects our spiritual life!

When we are born, our minds are like a blank canvas. Rarely do we remember the first year or two of our lives. It is like a long drawn out process of awakening. But from the very beginning the context thought processes into which we are born begin to affect our mind and our accumulation of thoughts. Some may think this is another term for environment, but it is not limited to that. Environment is a factor, but there is more to thinking in context than we “think.”

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