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END TIME: Jewish New Year, 5769, Geula, Feast of Trumpets, Rapture

Many of you, some readers and others not, have been searching this blog for information about the “special” year 5769, what makes it special, and does that have any cause for concern on your part.

First, according to the Jewish lunar calendar, their new year starts on the sunset of September 30 and continues through the sunset of October 1. The interesting fact, to them at least, is that that day is also the fourth day of the week on their calendar. The fourth day for those who know Genesis 1, is the day when the sun, moon, and stars were set for “signs and appointed times, and for days and for years,”

However, the fourth day of Genesis has been known forever as the time of the vernal or spring equinox, and not the autumnal or fall equinox. So the “fourth day of creation” in the fall on the lunar calendar is only a mathematical/astronomical event that happens periodically.

Yet this is a special time of prayer and spiritual closeness in the minds of those who follow the lunar calendar.

But …
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END TIME: Equinox September 22, 2008 15:40 UTC Enoch’s Third Quarter Begins

On the long lost calendar originally revealed to Enoch by Uriel, the first day of each quarter was either an equinox or a solstice. That is also the first day (day number one) of the first month of the quarter. But only the months that start with the equinox determine the true time of the Feasts and High Days.

No other calendar on earth carries as much insight to prophecy and the destiny of mankind than Enoch’s calendar. Ignorance of this truth brings a curse across the entire earth and on its people …

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MAVERICK: Should You Be A Maverick?

The race to the November 2008 elections brought a new word into the consciousness of many Americans. That word is "maverick."

Here is the definition from both Wikipedia and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – Tenth edition:

Maverick: "a person who shows independence of thought or action; an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party."

Are you a maverick?

Should you be? …

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END TIME: Solstice June 20, 2008, 23:59 UTC. Enoch’s Second Quarter Begins

Late last year I wrote a post about the countdown to the end of our age. Then to follow up on that I write a post about the beginning of a new year and quarter that started with the spring equinox. Since then, each time a new quarter happens events get “kicked up” a notch, haven’t they?

Well, we are at that point again, are we not? Each quarter in the calendar revealed to Enoch starts on a major solar event: either an equinox or a solstice. On June 20 of this year a new quarter began. Every solstice thousand gather at Stonehenge in Wilshire, England to celebrate the rising of the sun on the longest day of the year.

What can we looked forward to this quarter?

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How to Walk with God — Part 1: Resetting Internal Meanings and Contexts

Can what we believe be “bad” for us? Of course! And It is hard for us to see that what we believe could be a great mistake, isn’t it? For example, where did you learn the meaning of the “sin”, which I don’t even like to use in writing? It is a “bad” and “unhealthy” word because it does not present an image of the truth, instead it triggers a very different meaning in our mind that is not Scriptural.

But before I begin let me tell you a personal story about this strange word “sin” …

When I was a teenager and, of course, very green, like a young “sapling,” I was asked to speak before a small assembly of adults and teenagers, in a “father and son” night. I really had no idea what to talk about, but as I sat fidgeting in my seat, a thought struck me: “I will talk about sin!” So when my name was called, I quickly stood up and strode to the lectern and proceeded to denounce “sin” in all its “forms” and finished by saying that I would devote my life to the “fight against sin.” You imagine the feedback I got from my tirade, can’t you?

I also got a smart lecture from my dad, who told me that I really shouldn’t talk like that to anybody. At the time, I didn’t understand what he was saying, and what I found out later was a revelation: people don’t like to be told they are “sinners” or because of sin, “they will all burn in hell.” Yikes!

You can see that this not what eternal life is all about, can’t you? And you don’t really believe that God is so cruel that all He wants to do is forever roast people over hot coals like a goat on a spit, do you? …
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ENOCH: Prophet for All Ages and Father of All Living

Although few realize it, Enoch’s impact on the lives of all who are alive today is profound.

First, he is the father of all who are alive today and all who have lived since the great flood. He is also the great-grandfather of Noah.

Second, the prophecies in the Books of Enoch transcend time and place. No scholar can make a claim that his writings were recently written, and few are willing to admit that Enoch prophesied the burning of the Temple in 70 CE and the dispersion of the people in 135 CE, which happened after a three and a half year rebellion against the Romans that ended in defeat. His prophecy coincides with Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy, which was given to him by the messenger Gabriel.

Third, all who came along after Enoch, including the Prophets who wrote the Hebrew Scriptures and the Apostles who wrote the New Testament, knew Enoch’s books and referred to them either directly or indirectly. His writings were not questioned, and instead formed the “stasis” or foundation upon which all subsequent prophecies and Scripture are based.

Enoch’s Visions Revealed the Future History of Mankind

Enoch wrote the visions that he saw. For example, the first of his dream visions painted a picture of the coming great flood. The second used a metaphor of “clean and unclean” animals, and revealed the entire history of the human race from the beginning until all reach their ultimate and fore-ordained great destiny. Without this vision the true meaning of the “clean and unclean” meats of Leviticus …
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Facing Reality: The Creation is Waiting

Let’s get real! I’m serious. First, there are more than 600 pages on this blog. I don’t mean computer pages, I mean book pages. Each post is written like a chapter.

That is a chunk to absorb.

In many of the posts here I wrote about what the Scriptures really say about the near and far future. And this is important because our life depends upon a clear and real understanding of the destiny that was planned before there was a universe.

That is all well and good.

But what about the here and now? Shouldn’t there be some good news about that also? …

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JESUS TOMB: Meaning of Symbols on Entrance

I promised Jonathan that I would give some material about the symbols found on the entrance to the tomb. It is not the “all-seeing eye” as some suppose.

First, understanding the meaning of the symbols does not add evidence to conclude or dismiss the theory that Jesus bones were put in the tomb along with Mary Magdalene, the son of Jesus, and Mary, Jesus’s brother, and others in the family.

Also the resurrection of the dead does not demand the gathering up of the pieces in an attempt to put the body back together. According to the Scriptures we will receive new bodies into which our spirits will be placed. The “resurrection of the body” is a myth. I don’t think anyone wants their old body back. I don’t.

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END TIME: Part 7 – Oil for the Seven Lamps

The word “apocalypsis” is the Greek name of the book of Revelation, from which we get our word apocalypse. Because the word is associated with the prophecies about the end of our age, many assume the word means “doom” or “destruction.”

But it does not. The word literally means “revelation” — a spiritual process where the Spirit opens our mind by dreams, direct contact, by meditation, visions, by whatever the Spirit finds best, to help us understand things we otherwise might not grasp. John the Apostle wrote:

The anointing, which you have received from Him, stays in you. And you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as the same anointing does teach you concerning all, and is true, and is not falsehood, and even as it has taught you, you stay in Him. And now, little children, stay in Him, so that when He appears, we might have boldness and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.
From I John 2

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This Bible study series contains some very strong words for a special group of people symbolized by the Seven Lamps belonging to the one lampstand. Some translators of the Book of Revelation used “lampstand” or “candlestick” instead of “lamp” when translating this passage.

But a lamp in Greek is a vessel into which oil is poured, and it has a wick that brings the oil to the spout to burn and give light. It is not a candlestick, nor is the lamp the lampstand on which the lamps are placed.

Although some made a career of studying the Greek New Testament, it does have weaknesses, which most often show up in the translations. The use of the word candlestick or lampstand instead of lamp is one case. Greek is not a theological language, it is philosophical and forms a context for Western thought.

But these two chapters of Revelation can only be understood within the context of the Scriptures and Hebraic thought. Here is what I mean: The Law and the Prophets tell about the gold lampstand with its seven gold lamps:

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CONTEXTUAL THOUGHT? Ahmadinejad, Academia, and the Next Age

After listening to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak to the audience at Columbia, it became apparent that there was a “phenomena” at work in the minds of all who spoke that day. This is a mystery, because we are not aware of how this works even in our minds. I call this contextual thinking — and it affects our spiritual life!

When we are born, our minds are like a blank canvas. Rarely do we remember the first year or two of our lives. It is like a long drawn out process of awakening. But from the very beginning the context thought processes into which we are born begin to affect our mind and our accumulation of thoughts. Some may think this is another term for environment, but it is not limited to that. Environment is a factor, but there is more to thinking in context than we “think.”

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