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  1. john michael burton author/orator

    Thank you so much for your work. Most people in church-anity are dumb downed and ignorant to the truth. False servants and blind pastors are to blame for the most part. We are in a tragic but blessed era of earth’s time. I live in North Alabama and ignorance is rampant in the false church world of man-made doctrines. Thank you for your work. His love is our greatest tool. I have been trying to walk in His love for 40 years now. I turned 60 back in July. Enoch was light in darkness. You are on my prayer list. your servant John

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      One question that is often overlooked, mainly because it is not seen by most religious people, is “why is the deception so strong and widespread?” There are a couple of things that come to mind: (1) The best is yet to come. (2) The leaders of the Kingdom need to go through the pressure during this time. If it is true that MAN was given 6000 years to try to figure out how to govern, then time is quickly running out. We are very close to the 6000th year, and governance of the world is at an all time low, is it not? Thank you. You are welcome, and by all means pray!


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