URGENT: Clear the Confusion that clouds the Jubilee

There are many books, videos and sermons that are causing confusion in the minds of those who really want the truth. Why has this cloud moved in to deceive and lead people astray?

I have had to deal with it myself simply because I recognized that of all the important prophecies that have been given to us concerning, the transition from this age into the Kingdom, the Jubilee is one of the most critical to understanding. It is as though the forces of the deceivers, which include both demons and fallen angels, are at work against understanding and wisdom.

I wrote in an earlier blog about the anti-Messiah, (Anti-Christ for those of you who are fond of only the Greek version). John, the Apostle, wrote that the anti-messiahs (plural) were already at work deceiving the MASSES. That is what YAHU-SHUA (“Jesus” for those of you who are fond of only the Greek version) prophesied would happen.

“Multitudes will come in My Name, and say that I am the Christ, and would deceive the MASSES.”

And that has in fact happened.

Enoch saw in his dream vision that the seventh age or “Week” would be apostate and that all its works, which would be MANY, would be apostate.

We are still buried in the debris of apostasy and poisoned by its corruption.

There are two things that millions of “believers” are looking for that have been, believe or not, in what they are drowning:

  1. The Apostasy
  2. The Anti-Christ

They are neck deep in the apostasies that have overwhelmed them as a result of the work of the “anti-christs!”

Certainly, there are troubling times ahead and increased deception, but is it not time to get cleaned up and know the truth and know that you really know it?

Truth is a rare commodity, and the teachers of falsehood are many!

There is an interesting series of rebukes against the Pharisees and the scribes in Matthew 23. But when many people read this, if they do, they miss the significance of at who the rebukes were aimed.

Most people have heard of the Pharisee, but few have grasp the historical fact that these came out of the exile in Babylon and brought with them a 5.5 million word document called the Babylonian Talmud. In the process of creating this, they, by intention, decided to take the place of the Levitical priests. The sons of Levi were assigned by covenant to be the teachers of the people.

YAHUA had decided, because of the unfaithfulness of the priests, to revoke the covenant. But He said, “They revoked it for Him!” And because of this treachery, the people would be dispersed among the gentiles. They were—in 135 AD— after an unsuccessful rebellion against the Romans led by a “messiah” named Simon Bar Kochba.

That time is the subject of the prophecy of Daniel 9, called the “70 weeks” prophecy given to Daniel by Gabriel. And Enoch also prophesied about that time as a time of blindness. Enoch also wrote, regarding that time, that the temple would be burned and the people would be dispersed!

That was the result of the treacherous work of the Pharisees.

But there was another group that came before, during and after the Pharisees that caused at least as much or even more than the Pharisees – the Scribes!

The scribes can be divided into groups:

  1. The faithful scribes
  2. Scribes that worked falsehood
  3. Scribes that were inept!

The work of the Hebrew scribes is legend. They were considered to be the most accurate and those that took their craft most seriously. We have seen how the oldest document of Isaiah, discovered buried near the Dead Sea, was assumed to match the Masoretic Hebrew text of our modern documents. But is that true?

Is there any proof that the scribes were totally faithful?

Or did they cave-in to the pressures of the Ba’al worshipers and corrupt the very targeted and stinging words of YAHUA?

Here is Isaiah 53:3 from the King James Version:

[3] He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Here is the translation of the Isaiah Scroll in the style of the King James Version. From chapter 53:

[3] He is despised and rejected of men and man of sorrows, and he knows grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him, and despised him, and we esteemed him not.

Although this may not look significant, it really is. For example, “acquainted with grief” leads one to think that His experience with grief was only casual. But if one “knows grief” then it is very serious.

Also the passive, “he was despised” loses the sense of the Scriptures. It is like “acquainted,” and it was only a “casual” despising. But the statement, “WE … despised Him,” is what this passage is really saying. This shows our participation. “We hid; we despised; we did not esteem him.”

As I go through the prophets on the broadcast, I find that we come face to face with our serious casualness with what the Scriptures are really trying to make plain to us.

Sadly, the scribes were not careful. They yielded under the pressures of the religious leaders and tried to make subtle changes to please the unwise.

Notice this rebuke from Jeremiah 8:

Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times. And a turtledove, and a swallow, and a thrush guard the time of their coming. But My people do not know the right-ruling of YAHUA.

How can you say, “We are wise, and the Torah of Yahua is with us”?

But look! The false pen of the scribe has worked falsehood!

The wise shall be put to shame. They shall be broken down and caught. See! They have REJECTED the Word of YAHUA. So what wisdom do they have?

The scribes have changed the Torah! The Scribes have weakened the prophets. And the translators have enhanced the lie with their corruptible practice of making sure the translations say what is pleasing to the corrupt leaders of the religions!

In places words are added, sentences changed, words that “offend” are removed, never to be seen again!

For example, the phrase “the first of the first month” was corrupted by the translators to say, “on the NEW MOON of the first month.” That latter phrase “new moon” and others like that are not even found in the Hebrew Scriptures. The translators (scribes) submitting to the pressure of the religious leaders added the phrase “new moon.”

Consequently, even to this day, the apostasy rages on in the presentations of those who want you think they are following the Torah of YAHUA and the Prophets, when in fact, they are NOT.

They even use the Feasts and High Days when they do not understand them and how they are appointed!

For example, the Feast of Firstfruits is not on the first day of the week DURING the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as one author thinks! The Wave Sheaf offering was to take place on the first day of the week AFTER the Feast of Unleavened Bread had ended. That puts it AFTER the next weekly Sabbath after Unleavened Bread had finished.

Starting on that first day of the week and continuing for Seven complete Weeks or Sabbaths takes us to the 14th day of the 3rd month. (Enoch Calendar)

The Scriptures and the context of the Scriptures clearly show that the Feast of Firstfruits is appointed to the 15th day of the Third Month and 75 days from the start of the year. But they would not see that unless they had a correctly discerned copy of the Calendar revealed to Enoch. This Calendar, by the way, is the only Calendar revealed in Scripture. Yes, that means that the Book of Enoch (Enoch 1) is Scripture!

This is only a few example of the carelessness and lack of wisdom that seems to drive many thousands of people to make serious mistakes in prophecy and understanding the times.

Book of Jubilees has been corrupted

This past week I have been going through the Book of Jubilees, where both the scribes and translators had a field day!

In addition, the ancient scribe who wrote that book or at least edited it made it useless when it comes to understanding the Jubilee and applying it. Here is how …

The Book of Genesis carefully records the length of the lives of our fathers. The only line, of descendents from Adam for which we can know how long they lived and when they died, is the line of Seth through Enoch to Noah. Their ages at death were recorded so that we would understand.

I say this to bring to your attention the fact that the scribe or scribes who wrote or edited the Book of Jubilees, took from Genesis the number of years that each of our fathers lived, and then attempted to convert them into “Jubilees.” The problem was the scribe of the Book of Jubilees did not understand what is in the Torah, and in particular Leviticus 25.

When you look deeply into the Book of Jubilees, you will find some interesting history that helps explain events that the Bible only provides a sentence. But if you want to learn anything about the Jubilees, forget it. The book only adds confusion and makes Jubilees even more difficult to understand.

Torah provides evidence and understanding of the Year of Jubilee

On the other hand, the Torah provides sufficient information and instruction so that we can understand the “mysterious” Jubilee and how it applies to our lives today.

Here is what the 25th chapter of Leviticus provides:

  1. A Jubilee is a group of seven “weeks” of years.
  2. A “week” is group of ordered years (1 – 7).
  3. The 7th year in each “week” is a “Sabbath Year” during which time the land is to rest. No planting was to be done in the 7th year in each of the seven weeks.
  4. Therefore, the Jubilee consists of 49 years. And this is where understanding falls off the cliff.
  5. There is another year, the 50th year, called the Year of Jubilee that is NOT part of the Jubilee (the prior 49 years).
  6. During the Year of Jubilee land was to be restored to the original owner or to the family of the original owner. No planting or harvesting, including that which grew on its own, was to be done during the Year of Jubilee. Although they could eat what they found in the field.
  7. The coming Year of Jubilee was announced to the people on YOM KIPPOR by the sounding of the ram’s horn in the 49th year of the Jubilee.
  8. The 50th year is a SET-APART year, but it is not a Sabbath year.
  9. On the 6th year of each “week” the people would be blessed with sufficient food to carry them through the 9th year! That raises a question: Why the 9th year? The answer is because they needed that many years to get through the Year of Jubilee, when it comes: the Sabbath year (no planting or harvesting), the Year of Jubilee (no planting, no harvesting but “You may eat only the growth DIRECT from the field” In other words, “go into the field and eat what you find!”), the first year of the next Jubilee (a year of planting and harvest if possible.) [It seems the reason for the allowance to eat "direct from the field" is due to the amount of reshuffling and movement of people that will take place throughout the land.]

The Year of Jubilee, a special SET-APART year was not a rest year like years 7 in each of the weeks of the Jubilee. The Year of Jubilee was a time of restoration and returning the LAND to the families to which it was originally given. The focus is on the LAND given by both promise and by lot to the people who are the descendents of either the House of Israel (the “lost ten tribes”) or the House of Judah (currently living in the modern day state of Israel).

Here is some of the recent history regarding the Year of Jubilee and the LAND.

  • Year 1867, Alaska was purchased by the United States. Canada became a nation.
  • Year 1917, The British government who were holding the Land of Israel decided to make the land a state (nation) for the people of Judah. The Balfour letter was sent to Lord Rothschild to solicit his help.
  • Year 1967, The Six-day War in Israel was fought around and on the time of the Feast of Weeks/Feast of Firstfruits. The result was that the people of Judah won the Golan Heights, all of Jerusalem, the portion of the land known as the “West Bank,” and all the land down to the Red Sea! The modern land of Israel was equivalent to almost as much land as Israel had during the time of the Kingdom of David and Solomon!

This restoration and returning of the land of Promise shows a pattern of 50 years between each event and is the type of outcome one ought to expect for the Year of Jubilee. If you do the math you will see the true pattern.

Here is what the Jewish Study Bible says about the Jubilee:

Jubilee (Heb yovel, perhaps “ram” from the sounding of the ram’s horn to mark the beginning of the observance) the YEAR of release for the slaves and return of ancestral land to the original owners (or decedents of the owners), to occur every fifty years (AFTER seven Sabbaths of years) ( Leviticus 25). It is a cornerstone of Priestly ideology, but it is uncertain if it was ever practiced.

Leviticus 25 becomes confused in the mind of those who follow the Babylonian derived Jewish lunar calendar that starts in the seventh month. They assume that this “false” start is revealed in Scripture, when it is not found, except in tradition and ex-scriptural documents. This is a product of the false pen of the scribes including translators.

But it makes clear sense with regard to the Enoch Calendar revealed from Heaven by the Messenger Uriel. This Calendar starts only in the spring with the observation of the equinox. The sound of the horn on Yom Kippur signals the coming of the Year of Jubilee – the 50th year that starts in the spring. Therefore the people have time to prepare and look forward to that year.

This means that an attempt to keep Sabbaths, Feasts, High Days, Year of Jubilee, and the seven Sabbaths of years, on any other calendar except the Enoch Calendar leads to uncleanness in both mind (confusion) and spirit. It is that mistake and corruption that Yahua declares that He hates!

Why do we need to understand the Year of Jubilee?

Considering the pattern of the three years above (1867, 1917, 1967) the NEXT Year of Jubilee is the spring of 2017 to the spring of 2018 of the Enoch Calendar. Furthermore, the true pattern laid down in Scripture is 49 years, followed by the 50th year, then 49 years followed by the 50th year, and so on. It has NEVER been 49 years followed by another 49 years assuming that the first year of the second 49 years is also the 50th year for the prior 49 years. That is confusion and a product of “the false pen of the scribes creating falsehood!”

Also the priests and scribes have attempted to keep a record of all the years from creation. Unfortunately, they lost track of the time when Israel was in Egypt and when they were in Babylon. However, they are only off by a couple of hundred years. At the time of this writing this is Jewish year 5771. Not really much to get excited about, is it?

Days allotted to Man

However, prior to the flood, Yahua declared, “Let the Days allowed him be 120 Years.” A puzzling statement, is it not? What is Yahua referring to “Days?” or “Years?” or something to be understood in a different context? In Genesis a “Day” has several meanings. Chapter 1 refers to the Days of Heaven and earth in the Day they were created. Two meanings. In one case the “Days” refers to a “week” of periods or eons. In the other the “Day” refers the entire time of their creation! Also Adam and Eve were told that in the Day they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in that Day they would die. Well, they ate but they were still alive on the next “day”. Again, multiple meanings. After Yahua made the statement above, men continued to live long lives of more than 900 years.

So what kind of year comprises the “Days” allowed to Man? If we take the number of counted days in the Enoch Calendar (360) and multiple that against the number of years (120) we get 43,200. What are we looking at now? Days? Or Years? That really doesn’t help, does it?

But if we look at the “Days of Man” as being Man’s time, which is a general term used to define a period where Man is in charge of his life, we find that we are now in a position to use the “120 Years” to determine something more about that time. And we have the Year of the Jubilee to help us. We know that the Year of Jubilee happens every 50 years. It is a special or set-apart year. So if we have 120 of those allowed to the Days of Man, we have 120 Year of Jubilee multiplied by 50 Years or the “Days of Man” are 6000 years, right? In other words that is almost a “Week” of thousand years periods, which are also called a Day!

What then should we expect on the very next day AFTER the 6,000 years have completed? A Sabbath of 1000 years, right? What does the book of Revelation tell us? That a period of 1000 years starts immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days!

Events have happened to the House of Israel and Judah that happened at 50 year intervals. The next time of the Year of Jubilee will be 2017-2018 on the Enoch Calendar. During that time, the last plagues will be poured out on the land and according to the prophets the House of Israel and House of Judah will be gathered back to the land. Their enemies that were around them will be no more! 1000 years of rest will allow the world to be healed, rebuilt and replanted. It will be a glorious time filled with knowledge, wisdom and understand and love beyond what we are able to grasp.

An interesting line from the movie Avatar said something very profound goes something like this, “We have two times to be born.” Jake Sully was coming to grips with the changes that had taken over his life. He had a new body that had new skills and talents. In his old body, he was sick and weak. His legs did not work. But in his new body he was part of the new world and a member of a new family that had a spiritual connection with all things living.

So it is, and so it shall be with us.



25 thoughts on “URGENT: Clear the Confusion that clouds the Jubilee

  1. Raymond Paul Moats

    Interesting item in the news. . . . http://apnews.myway.com//article/20121221/DA3ACIJ83.html. * * * Dec 21, 3:40 PM (ET) JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel’s prime minister has vowed to build in Jerusalem despite criticism from the United Nations, dismissing the international body in particularly strong terms. * * * “The capital of the Jewish people for the past 3,000 years is Jerusalem,” Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel 2 television on Friday. “So I will say in the clearest way possible, the Western Wall in not occupied territory and I don’t care what the U.N. will say,” he added, referring to the wall Jews consider their holiest place for prayer. * * * The U.N. last month endorsed a de facto Palestinian state in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza, areas Israel won in the 1967 war, but which the world views as occupied territory. * * * Your mark for 2017 from my calculations are correct. Note the cluster of dates for 2015, March 1-2-3, last supper and Passover, March 3-4, Jewish Passover, March 5th, Roman Easter!

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      The “West Bank, Gaza, and part of Jerusalem” are all considered as part of Israel by the Israelis. Only the nations of the west use those terms. And YES, they are NOT “occupied” by the Israelis. The weak western nations can suck their thumbs, but nothing they say will change how the Israelis consider those lands. They are willing to allow the Palestinians (read Philistines) to live in the land as long as they do not threaten or fight with the people of Israel. But because the Palestinians are unwilling to live at peace, they will eventually be driven from Israel, forever!

  2. Raymond Paul Moats

    “Eliyahu rejected the claim that it was impossible to resume the mitzvah publicly. Addressing the international diplomatic ramifications, he said, “We are being threatened that any movement on our part on the Temple Mount will launch the third world war… (But) we can free our souls of the horror of the gentiles, just like we freed ourselves before the Exodus.” * * * http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1853436/pg1 * * * So they are making plans as I have thought for many years.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      The temple or tabernacle will be built prior to the two witnesses prophecies. “Zerubbabel” (“kept out of Babel”) will “measure” (build) the temple, and the people will rejoice when they see the “plumb line” in his hand.

  3. Raymond Paul Moats

    Timothy, Happy you are cleaning out the awful foods presented to us a “good”. Or is it “good for nothing”! Have been looking strongly at GMO and hybrid food crops. They simply are not good for us, including the critters we eat that are fed on those crops as well. Sort of an engineering the Watchers did and are continuing thru man by their evil influence, bad spirits. Anyway, to get red of mankind. I am now making the same changes as you. The congestive heart problem is problematic due to the med’s which make things worse. After reading Daniel again for the first time it seems that the last paragraph is the key to the whole book. Fits very well with Revelation as you outlined so well. The temple, sacrifices and then “it” Starts at the Passover season for the 3 years and then Pentecost day fulfills it all with a new beginning. But what we have to witness prior to that time will be frightful and challenging as “it” will want to deceive us greatly. “I heard, but I did not understand. So I said, “Sir, what will happen after these things?” He said, “Go, Daniel. For these matters are closed and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made clean, and refined, but the wicked will go on being wicked. None of the wicked will understand, though the wise will understand. From the time that the daily sacrifice is removed and the abomination that causes desolation is set in place, there are 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits and attains to the 1,335 days. But you should go your way until the end. You will rest and then at the end of the days you will arise to receive what you have been allotted.” Cheers and love and keep on keeping on!

  4. Raymond Paul Moats

    Didascalia Apostolorum and or the Didache are very simular. Very Catholic. Especially about the feast or gatherings. Lacks much, but also goes against Paul. I think the crack in Pauls teachings is found in deuteronomy 27;26. He quotes it in Galatians without the honest context of the Fathers spirit and the Love we need to show the Father by doing His ways! As His law is love, then we will do all we can to please Him, not argue legal technicalities. That attitude is Jewish Pharasie mind set. They put the Devil in the details. We want context. Cheers, . . Raymond Raymond

  5. Raymond Paul Moats

    Timothy, Your outstanding book, “Enoch the calendar behind the end time prophecies” is no longer available as PDF. Why? Raymond

  6. Robert

    Hi Timothy as I sit here writing this and listening to your archives on John I feel like the person sitting in front of a stove and saying give me some heat and I will put some wood in you I have contributed to you and have bought all books and would still be happy to do the same again I dont have a lot of money but could spare some however you seem to have stopped carng if there is something that has changed or if you are having problems I think the people who believe in what you have done deserve to get an answer. I know this sounds selfish but I have tried to find someone else who has the same insight as you were giving us and have been unable to find anyone close, there are lots out there but noone as through and so please let me know if there is something we should know, the feasts and the pagan holidays are difficult without some contact with others who think the same I hope I have made myself clear without sounding ungrateful . I look forward to your reply Robert

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      Robert, From the time of the last Enoch broadcast until now, Father has put me in a hiatus while I learn some major new material. We are heading into the final push to the end and what we see here is an increase in mind fogging and deception across the population. More than 60,000 toxins and pollutants afflict people around the world. As for me personally, I am involved in a process of healing and rebuilding my body. I was diabetic since 1990, plus I have had two heart attacks, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure. My blood sugar levels have returned to normal and my body now takes care of sugar highs without the need for medicine or insulin. My strength is building with each day. We now understand that evil spirits and demons have intentionally corrupted the food, water and air in order to keep people sick, weak, and in a stupor.

      The last broadcast of Enoch, which I did not publish, gave the names of all the leaders of the evil doers. I will not read those on the air. It was then that I realized that Father was going to heal me and give me the information to tell others how that is possible. The detailed information has been made available to us, and as we applied this information my body began to strengthen and heal itself. For that reason I left California and moved to the foothills of the Adirondacks in central New York — a place where Enoch visited and wrote about. It is a special place on the earth that has been preserved for 1000s of years. During the end of the age the earth will undergo a great transformation. This will bring about major climate changes that would allow the Adirondacks to become habitable. Now the winters there are very severe with temperatures as low as 50 below 0 F.

      Hopefully, I will be able to start broadcasting again soon. I have much writing to do as well.

  7. Perkins

    Hello Tim and everyone who frequents Prepare the Way. FYI. The website destination-Yisrael.biblesearchers.com has a new post regarding the jubilee years which is independent of your research Tim. I will add one historical event that has been missed,that I believe is important. In 1867, the emancipation of Jews in Hungary, which was followed by most every other Nation allowed them to posses real estate again. Even after the land of Palestine was returned, many Jews paid Palestinians for real estate they occupied even though it did not belong to them. The Jewish people have bent over backwards in an attempt to do things peacefully. On another subject! I just want to say that when I come to this website, it feels so desolate. Raymond was the only person to comment on some recent post’s that I thought were details that were not touched on by readers of the book of Enoch. Raymond said that he believed that the creatures of ancient mythology were real. To me that is possible because if the splicing of DNA is off, then the releasing of Peptides does not follow the sequencing precisely. There had to be many misses as they “sinned against beasts, reptiles, birds and fish”. Stories of mermaids and merman are heard about even to this day. I have also heard that the Vatican has quietly asked Israel if they would consider letting the Catholic Church have control of Jerusalem, making it an international capitol of religion. I believe that this will happen when the last Pope, Peter the Roman takes his seat. He will allow Israel to demolish the Al-Aksa Mosque to rebuild the Temple for the Third time. Then three and a half years later he will break this ”covenant”. Well you know the story. Comments anyone? Tim?Love from Perkins…

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      I checked the site you mentioned to see if they disregard the “Jubilee Year.” They understand it correctly. Most that I have seen think that the Jubilee “includes” the Jubilee year. This is not true. On Yom Kippor the trumpet is sounded only when the NEXT year is the Jubilee Year. The Jubilee cover 49 years. The 50th year is the Jubilee Year — a distinct and separate time. This is the pattern of the 49 days (7 weeks) of the Feast of Weeks which is then followed by the 50th day, which is the Feast of Firstfruits, sometimes referred to as “Pentecost.”

      Not only has the DNA been tampered with, but also the entire food supply. Most ALL people are seriously afflicted by a contaminated food supply containing bad food, chemicals, and pollutants that keep them “hung-over” and dimwitted. This is only one reason why we see so many bubble headed decisions. To easily deceive the masses, the evil powers take over the food supply to keep people in a stupor. They turn the masses into nothing more than “talking monkeys”. The people literally become “beasts.”

  8. Lezley

    Very Interesting Topic as I mysteriously came upon this website, in my search for the Truth, in this sad misguided world. Where would be a good place to re-begin again?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      If this is all new to you, then you need to build from the foundation. The Scriptures were built upon the information that was revealed to Enoch, the seventh born in the line from Adam through Seth. This is also called the Branch of Righteousness. Continuing from Enoch was Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to whom promises were made. I would also recommend that you listen to the broadcasts that are in the Radio Archives on this site. Start with the prophets and then listen to the broadcasts about the Apostles.

  9. Pamela

    I have really tried to understand the comment above about praying for “the anointing on the land”, and then have tried to just discard it since all land will be destroyed, torned down, and demolished. It used to be that I would jump right in and say my opinion about this or that and now I find my understanding is to just try and understand. In the end what matters most is that we are led by the True Spirit of Wisdom. If we are led to prayer then let us be led to what is most likely on the Father’s Heart… the prodigal sons and daughters. Let us pray for them. Let us pray for the wounded, the broken, the lost, and the lonely. Let us pray for the sick and the injured and the mentally ill. The time for religious games is over. The Kingdom truly is near and He comes for the lowly. Amen? Shalom

  10. Michael

    Hi. I have The Books Of Enoch by Joseph B. Lumpkin. It contains 1 Enoch, 2 Enoch and 3 Enoch. 2 and 3 Enoch are probably not penned by the same person who wrote 1 Enoch. While I don’t know that 1 Enoch is a fake, I also don’t know that it isn’t. I’m open minded to the point I let The Holy Spirit tell me what’s on the level and what isn’t. That said I would not recommend reading 2 and 3 Enoch as they seem confusing at times so I can’t in good faith say they would be edifying. I own The Book of Jubilee’s but it’s by a different author. This particular author has come under fire because they make some references to Mormon books in the introduction. However I’m willing to put that aside and see if The Holy Spirit shows me anything from this particular book. Tim something you said doesn’t make sense to me. It was about “Paul’s darkened glasses” and then one about “good from evil that makes up the New Testament.” Could you please elaborate on those two remarks? I question much of Paul’s writing when it doesn’t make sense but that only causes me to look and dig deeper till I find an answer. Sometimes I don’t find an answer but I make the effort as I refuse to be led by any man, only The Holy Spirit. In Jesus Michael

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      Concerning 1 Enoch: Because it was quoted by the Apostles Peter and Jude, they must have considered it to be Scripture. Furthermore, the revelations given to Enoch transcend all time. Therefore, they cannot be attached to a particular time in history and declared by “scholars” to have been penned at that time. The Sixth Week was fulfilled during the period 66 AD to 135 AD. And surely, Enoch was not written at that time. Also, those who understand the Seventh Week know that the period of time from 135 AD to the present has indeed been a time of great apostasy! All the other books of “Enoch” are fables created by men and are not at all in the same class as I Enoch. Those are II and III Enoch, and the Secrets of Enoch (Mormon). There is an assumption that the New Testament was created by “God” and is therefore “without error.” Such reasoning is inconsistent with the history of the New Testament and into whose hands the writings fell. The true Apostles, appointed by Yahushua, wrote in Hebrew. Although John wrote Revelation in Greek, because by that time most of the writings of the Apostles had been translated into Greek. The way we recognize the Hebrew roots of the Apostles is by Hebrew idioms and by their familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures, and the teachings of Yahua/Yahushua. However, the biggest indication that there are things in the NT that are not good and sound is that those thing are inconsistent with the Words of Yahua. This is how we can discern the good from the bad in the NT. “If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there is no Light in them.” With the knowledge of Yahua’s Words, His feelings, plans, and purposes, we are put in a position of being able to discern good from evil. But if all we have is a foundation in Paul’s writings, we will never come to the knowledge of the Truth, regardless of what Paul writes about it. Paul’s practices and thoughts are embedded in his words. He does not see things clearly (darkened glass). He expects his followers to be “ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth.” He despises the real Apostles and what they teach. He preaches another “Jesus” and a false gospel. Those things that He accuses others of doing and thinking are the very deeds, thoughts and feelings that he had. He even set up a church government based on the Roman government. That alone shows that Paul was unaware of what Yahushua told His Apostles. As noted, only by being ground first and foremost in the Words of Yahua (who later was born in the flesh and named Yahushua), can we have the power to discern good from evil. Apart from that we are victims of a great deception. Paul is the only one to admit that “we see through a darkened glass.” Yahushua said to His disciples, “You know all things!” He also made it clear that the Father (EL) reveals things to His people. However, this is looked upon with scorn by those who do not know the Father (EL) or His Son, Yahua. If you have not already done so, I recommend that you listen to the broadcasts about John’s Gospel and I John.

      1. True

        Properly understood Paul did not contradict Yahushua, Torah or the Apostles and Peter agrees- 2Pe 3:15 and reckon the patience of our Master as deliverance, as also our beloved brother Sha’ul wrote to you, according to the wisdom given to him, 2Pe 3:16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them concerning these matters, in which some are hard to understand, which those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also the other Scripture As for seeing through a glass dimly – I believe he is right, no matter how wonderful we ‘imagine’ the Kingdom to be, it will be way more majestic that our minds can comprehend at this time in this world. Also Sha’ul did NOT set up a Roman system, again his words have been twisted there is a huge difference between ‘ roles’ in the body – and a hierarchical government. If we had hands no feet we’d be at a disadvantage if we had lungs no heart or heart no lungs we’d be dead – all ‘roles’ are needed but all roles are not the same but we are all brothers and sisters with one head Yahushua Ha Mashiyach.

        1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

          Rather than engaging in an argument with you about this, it might be best if you first examined this document and make your argument with those who felt that there was some serious problem with Paul. This link is to an eBook that contains almost 2000 years of historical comments about Paul. Click here to go to this book

  11. Zoey

    Excellent article! I just discovered this website yesterday, but I am already very excited about discovering such a community of believers. I would like to share a personal word that I received from the voice of Wisdom that relates to the above article - Immediately after I awoke on the morning of Monday 16 March 2009 I received a word-for-word impression on my mind, “Pray for the Anointing on the land for the gathering of My people.” Just as the disciples were in prayer prior to the outpouring of the Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost 2,000 years ago, 21st century disciples should be earnestly engaged in prayer – that we may participate in the great Anointing that will immerse the overcomers on a future Feast of Trumpets – perhaps soon…

  12. calvin

    Thanks Tim….I started reading the word from the begining,Starting with Enoch and into the Old testament..i dont think i would of been able to grasp what you just wrote..if i had not started again from the beginig.Makes sence to me now.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      That is good. All of Christianity has been trained to view the Scriptures through Paul’s darkened glasses. This is tragic and turns all of Christianity in a “Supercult.” Freedom to learn from the Spirit of Yahua has been replaced by fear, tradition and corruption. But in the grand scheme, they will all come to the knowledge of the Truth and will abhor their prior life. The best way to understand the truth is to start at the beginning and look forward. The beginning is Enoch. Then after you have mastered the Hebrew Scriptures including understanding how the “false pen of the scribes has wrought falsehood,” (Jer. 8) you can take up the task of sorting out and discerning the good from the evil that makes up the New Testament.

  13. Carol

    Thank you for clearing up the problems of the 120 days of man, and making the 6000 years theory work. Yah’s people have been mislead by countless bad shepards and bad scribes, it is a wonder that we have any truth left to follow! Even for the curious, like myself, we have been often led down the wrong path due to inaccurate information, it was difficult to keep faith that we would ever find the Truth. Thank you for taking the time to learn and to teach.

  14. Thomas Hare

    Sir, I have never in my life heard or read anything like what you say. I was born into a ‘non-denominational’ home, my father being a pastor. I grew up visiting and knowing many people from many christian denominations, both catholic and protestant. I knew very few jews, and had a sort of ‘you still don’t get it, but we love you’ mentality. I felt Ruach from a young age, but have only had a certain framework of vocabulary and paradigms in which to relate to and understand our Elohim. This past year of my life I have undergone more internal spiritual pressure than ever before and I feel Father has gently stripped me of my ability to blindly adhere to old tradition and mindsets, just because. I have felt returned to the very basics. There is El, there is Ruach, there is Yehushua. And we go from there…and even these words, these Names, which I am using in my mind and my personal prayer language are so fresh and not second nature, yet I feel in my spirit this is a key piece of the Way of Elohim. I feel as though I am undergoing a grand filtration of all the words, ideas, thoughts, perceptions, presumptions, and expectations that have surrounded me my 27 years. I even have had new perspective come on spiritual and prophetic experiences that have been profound and mysterious, like a slight correction on what the fuller intent of Ruach Ha Kodesh was…I find it is tempting to through out an experience, albeit real and deep, if the context you experienced it in was different or surrounded by error. But I feel that the truth still can hold and take root, even if I am unknowingly in the midst of bent thinking. And I must admit, I am not at a point in my research or understanding to let go of Paul’s writings altogether, and yet, I realize upon reflection, I have no true deep basis for maintaining the level of adherence I have always been taught, other that the fact that the books were bound in the same leather encasement as the others. Regardless, I admire your humble and unflinching willingness to seek truth. I feel my whole life has a deep destiny in the seeking of truth and I am not afraid to knock on many doors, I believe Ruach and Abba will guide me through the right ones. So, thank you for your thoughts, your words, your perspective. I certainly desire to read much more of your writing in the hope of regaining some fresh and straight perspective on the Scriptures, and in my relationship with Father, Son and Spirit. I bless you with great wisdom and light. Courage and love. Peace and strength. Shalom Aleichem. -Thomas

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      I heard this many times from people who “mysteriously” find this website. But each person is on a path that is unique to them. The Book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, show a panorama of situations from which people must overcome. It is certainly not easy, but it is worth the price. From what you wrote it seems that you are being called out of “Babylon.” However, this means that those around you will not understand what is happening to you. Also there is probably nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. The process will lead through many internal conflicts as you become cleansed and purified. This may bring some grief as you do not see the same change in them. But that is not a time to worry, but to know that at the right time and in perhaps in the next age they will come to understand all these things. To understand more clearly what is your destine as a result of this process, isolate the promises made to “overcomers” and understand that all of these are for you and for others who are in the process of overcoming. Realize at the same time that each person may be coming out of a different “group” and thereby has a different road to travel as they come out. But all the promises apply to each and everyone. The TRUTH is the same for all. The process of finding it is not.


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