END TIME: The Anti-Messiah Message. Do you know what it is?

While many are looking for the “Anti-Christ” to suddenly appear and scare the dickens out of the world, others are ridiculing the idea that an Anti-Christ will appear. Both views come from the same source: blindness and the apostasy!

What would happen if the world suddenly found out that there are very many anti-Messiah messengers active today? And what would they think if the real anti-Christ teachers started their great deception thousands of years ago, as a result of the split from the Jewish Apostles?

As of the time of this writing I am near to completing the broadcast series on Ezekiel. This has been a learning experience for me and I hope for you also, if you listened to all the episodes. So much new understanding came out of this series that is rarely, if ever, accomplished by others.

But for those who “get it” the book offers much clarity and hope regarding the entire scope of Scripture prophecy. It is the prophecy of Yahua given to Ezekiel. This is the same as the Revelation, which is the prophecy of Yahushua given to John.

And tying both of these major prophecies together are the visions and dreams given to Enoch!

Do you have ears that hear and eyes that see? I hope so, because you will really need them to grasp the significance of this post …

The anti-Messiah (also called anti-Christ) message is a product of blindness, church politics, and gross apostasy. It is a popular message that permeates one of the world’s major religions. It forms the foundation of religious teaching and can be believed easily and is accepted without question by millions around the world!

Why is this not understood today?

The problem lies somewhat in the translations of Scripture. The rest lies in the fact that the real truth needs to be revealed to each and every person. And furthermore, the false message is easy to accept!

It is very doubtful today that the truth about this anti-Messiah message will be taught in the churches and synagogues. That is because this understanding is not revealed by Man and Man’s opinions about the truth. This truth will only be revealed to the masses when the Spirit of Yahua is poured on all flesh as prophesied in Joel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and by other prophets.

The translation problem is an easy fix, if it is understood.

For example, in the Greek only one word is translated “God”. That word is “Theos”. “God” is a title, not a name. The same is true of the word “lord.”  Messiah is also a title. And so is Christ (means the same as Messiah).

Now the translators of the Hebrew Scripture erroneously use the title “God” to translate the name “EL.” So then whenever you see the title “God” in the New Testament and in the Hebrew Scriptures, substitute the Hebrew name “EL” in its place. You will be well on your way to a new understanding of what the Hebrew Apostles knew. (They did not have the Greek New Testament to confuse these things for them.)

Also understand that “EL” which consists of two Hebrew letters “aleph” and “lamed” has meaning. In proto-Hebrew the letters are pictures, not Chaldean symbols as used today. Aleph is the head of an OX — the mightiest of the farm animals. Lamed is the shepherd’s staff or crook. When we put these together we get the picture of the Most Mighty One who guards and protects His sheep. The agriculture analogy provides us with a concrete meaning that can help us all think the same picture when the Name is used.

Furthermore, wherever you see the title LORD in Hebrew Scripture know and understand that that is NOT the translation of the Name being translated! LORD is a substitute, and unfortunately that “title” really is a suitable translation of “Baal!” So wherever the name LORD is found in the translations of Hebrew Scriptures, it is usually a big capital letter followed by small capitals, and it is an awful substitute for what is really one of the most important Names in existence!

What you should want is the actual NAME, not any kind of substituted title!

The popular word “God” has no concrete meaning. It is totally abstract and takes the meaning of those who use the word. As noted, it is not a name. It is a title. Unfortunately, for our understanding, the word is useless. Everybody has their definition of “god.” And people think that is a good thing, though it has led to mass murder by the church, and by religious fanatics.

Now I have said all that to say this: By knowing what is and what is not the anti-Messiah message, you can know the anti-Messiah messengers!

How would we know the truth?

Would we question people out right? Or take a poll?

Are we so skilled in spiritual discernment that one look is all it takes?

Actually, the answer is very simple.

What do they say about the Father and the Son?

John was explaining this in I John 4. He starts that chapter by saying that we need to test the spirits to see whether or not they are from EL! (The title “god” is used to translate the Greek “theos.” But John was a writer of Hebrew, and someone translated John’s Hebrew into Greek! And that confused every body and opened the way for the anti-Messiah teachers!)

If they don’t know who the Father is and say that the Son is someone else, obviously, they have a spirit of error and do not have the Spirit that came from EL, right? Isn’t that what John is saying?

Therefore, those who have the Spirit from EL, ought to be in a position to easily spot the false messengers, should they not?

Also there are many more false prophets in the world than there are true prophets. Nothing has changed even though Elijah had the prophets of Baal killed, has it?

One part of the message is that Yahushua the Messiah came in the flesh. Now why would that be strange? Mainly because of who Yahushua really is. To say that Jesus came in the flesh is one thing. And most people accept that even if they are not Christians. They think He is a man, and a great teacher. So, obviously he had to be in the flesh, right?  Also the iconic name “Jesus” has lost its meaning. It is a Greek word that came from the Latin. And people have been looking at a man whom they also worship as a “god.”" And I noted above that “god” is a title and has no meaning except what people think god is.

But the Name Yahushua (Hebrew) means far more than the name “Jesus.” Yahushua means “‘He who exists’ is our deliverer (savior).” So who is “He who exists?”

As  noted, “Lord” is used to translate the Name. Now most people are afraid to use the pronunciation of the real Name erroneously translated “Lord” or “Adonai.” But there is no prohibition in the Torah to not pronounce the Name. To not say the Name brings to the point of saying, “Hey, you there!” or even worse, “Hear us, Baal, O mighty God.”

The pronunciation comes from the three ancient Hebrew vowels used in that Name. That would make the name sound like “EE AH OO AH.” If you sing that Name (and you should!) without breaks between the letters the consonants “Y,” “H,” and “W” automatically form thus making the sound “ee-Yah hoo wah” or Yahua.

However, we also must know that the Name “Yahua” means “He Exists!”

That goes all the back to Enoch’s vision. When Yahua was given the Name (“He Exists”), He was presented before His creation and they were shown what the plan was. At that time He was called the “Son of Man.” And since He was the Son of Man, that makes title “Man” also apply to His Father EL. And that puts us in a unique position because Yahua (through the resources in Elohim) created Man in EL’s image and His likeness. Thus Man and EL (the Father) become One.

Any message that does not contain this understanding is suspect, is it not?

But there is more.

Here is how the preachers of the anti-Messiah message do it.

Most of them adhere to the notion that Yahua is the “God of the Old Testament” and the Father. They declare Him to be a cruel and angry God who always wants to pour out His wrath upon sinners. They despise him and preach that Jesus came to destroy the Torah. So they contrast Yahweh with Jesus, and make Jesus their hero: Jesus who took away the sin of the world and if one accepts Jesus they are free from sin and “born again.”

Strange, John never wrote that message, did he?

No He wrote about EL who sent His only Son into the world that the world through Him might be delivered. He did not send His Son to condemn the world. This is John 3:17, is it not?

But that seems to say something that we might never had heard before: the Son existed before He was sent. That does two things: It removes the notion that “Yahweh” (a mispronunciation of Yahua) is the father, and it makes Yahua, the Son, doesn’t it?

That is Yahua. Now it makes more sense to understand that John was saying that Yahua came in the flesh. And that makes Yahua and Yahushua one and the same, does it not?

So one main part of the test message is that the messenger must understand and declare that Yahua came in the flesh and as a result also became Messiah ben Dawid!

Now John wraps this up very simply: He states that every spirit (inspiring the speakers) that does not make the message above very clear that Yahua came in the flesh, is not of EL and is the spirit of the anti-Messiah — and there are multitudes who preach that message even to this day!

What does John write in 1 John 4?

“Here is how we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of delusion: We are of EL. The one knowing EL hears us. He who is not of EL does not hear us.”

This goes back to the question Yahushua posed when He asked, “Who do people say that I am.” This generates all kinds of absurd answers. “But who do you say that I am.” And they replied, “You are the Son of EL.” And He replied, “You are blessed because you did not learn this from men, but from my Father in Heaven.”

So John and the true apostles understood something that they neither learned from men or from Yahushua, but from the Father.

John later wrote, “By this the love of EL was manifested in us, that EL has sent His only brought-forth Son into the world in order that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved EL, but that EL loved us and sent His Son to be an atoning offering for our sins. Beloved ones, if EL so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has seen EL at any time. If we love one another, EL does stay in us, and His love has been perfected in us.”

Then John wrote this (speaking of EL): “By this we know that we stay in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit.”

Then John ties this discourse into into an amazing and often overlooked conclusion:

“And we have seen and bear witness that the Father has sent the Son, savior of the world. Who confesses that Yahushua is the Son of EL, EL stays in him, and he in EL!”

Thereby, John, using simple logic, declares the Father to be EL and El to be the Father, and Yahua/Yahushua the Son.

What do the Christian’s teach almost everyone?

That Yahua (not EL) is the Father, and that Jesus is the son.

That is the definition of the anti-Messiah message.

But it goes even further, Yahushua told Mary Magdalena to tell His disciples that “I ascend to My Father and to your Father, and to My EL and your EL.” This is another witness that EL is the Father and the Father is EL. 

One shocking part that is often missed is that Yahua (mispronounced as Yahweh) and Yahushua ( mistranslated as Jesus) are the same Being. Yahushua is Yahua in the flesh. The coming of Yahua in the flesh was necessary for a number of reasons:

  1. Yahua was the other party in all the covenants that He made with Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (also named Israel), the offspring of Jacob, and David.
  2. Because of this position, Yahua knew long before that He was going to need to come to the earth and live among His people. He also knew that the only way to save them was to buy up the debt that they owed. Because their debt was death and scourging (the Davidic covenant), He had to take that upon His own self as one of them. Thereby, He redeemed all people, both living and dead and yet to be born.
  3. For Yahua to be the Messiah ben Dawid (David), He had to be born into the line of David, which He was.  
  4. To make a lasting impression among His Apostles, He had to meet with them FACE-TO-FACE. And in doing that it was revealed to them by Yahua’s father, EL, that He was the Son of the Most High. This is something that John, in particular, knew quite well, and wrote about in John 1 and 1 John.

Now, those who have the Spirit of EL in them should be encouraged when they understand what is and what is not the anti-Messiah message.

38 thoughts on “END TIME: The Anti-Messiah Message. Do you know what it is?

  1. Raymond Paul Moats

    There is a bit of humor in this article and something else, . . . . * * * . . . http://apnews.myway.com/article/20121229/DA3FH4EO2.html . . . “the Cain and Abel School for Prophets” . . . . “As one Talmudic phrase puts it, the only prophets now are children and fools. But also, on a philosophical level, how do you learn divine inspiration in school? And can anyone learn? . . * * * . . . “There is no way to teach prophecy,” said Rachel Elior, a professor of Jewish thought at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. “It’s like opening a school for becoming Einstein or Mozart.” That hasn’t deterred the school’s founder and sole teacher Shmuel Hapartzy, a follower of Chabad, a worldwide Orthodox Jewish outreach and worship movement that has come under fire because part of its membership crowned its late leader the Messiah. The Chabad movement in Israel has distanced itself from the school.

  2. Larry Garman

    Dr. Timothy, Thank you for your reply. We are very close as your YAHU-AH in spelling and vocalizing. This is first time we heard a YOD (ya, yo, yu) giving a E-E-E sound. We wonder how that could be used as endings for Prophets names? Yashaeeuuu, or Jeremeeeuu? Also, isn’t the first syllable YAH primary of the 3? denoting the eternal, self existing One? Don’t also we find His name as such YAH? (ps.68:4) Original sounds?: How do we get more original than what He wrote with His finger in stone? (Yod) Do you have source of information that others do not? Please direct us all to it. Sabbath observing: We hope, you aren’t assuming everyone who doesn’t pronounce or write the name of the Most High, as you do, profaning the Sabbath and leading a “corrupted” life. Don’t know about you, but we, our family, not perfect mind you, have been Sabbath people for nearly 30 years. Long before it was the “popular” thing to do. We left our family and friends, we were outcasts in their eyes. Anyway that wasn’t part of our question, we thank you for your time & comments, and will take it all to prayer and heart. Shalom to all: Larry

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      Where did you get the “AEEE”? The letters are the ancient Hebrew vowels Yod Heh Vav Heh. “EE AH OO AH” Jeremiah is Yirme-Yahu. Isaiah is Yesha-Yahu. And “Elijah” is “EL EYAHU.” YOD HEH is “YAH” YOD has the “E” sound, and when connected with HEH (“AH”) it becomes EE-AH or “YAH.” So I am not sure what you are doing with “the Name.” I attached a link to Leonora Leet’s book from which I learned about the EE-AH-OO-AH of the Name. Yahua has hid His name and His face from those who have not followed His instructions. This is made clear in the Prophets. Isaiah 1, Malachi, Hosea, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Those who follow the lunar calendar, “borrowed” from Babylon, have been deceived. They are following the “Beast” who has tried to “change the times and the seasons.” There is only one revealed calendar and the one from Babylon is not it, and neither is the one from Rome.

  3. Larry Garman

    Timothy, very informative article(s), comments, & answers. Just one puzzling quest. It has to do with the correct pronunciation and vocalizing the name of the Most High. As we have seen, He wrote his name in 4 letters Y H U H, not a V or W, they did not exist until circa 1350 AD. So we use YAHUAH YAHU, which is very close to what you use. We as many others were once YAHWEY users also. You also in naming the prophets use YeremeYAHU, YashaYAHU. we agree, correctly, so, why are you adding an A on the end? It would seem Yahu(a) would have added additional letter(s) if He thought they were required for correct vocalizing, would he not? Some references: Josephus relates the Gold crown worn by the High Priest was in (4) letters, Y H U H or not as some (5) Y H U W H. (Wars of Jews pg 566). Also another voice from the past: The ancient homeland of Abraham in Iraq, still carries the name Al Yahudiyah. note: no W required to vocalize o-o-o very nicely. As for vocalizing: would not the correct spelling & sound have been “handed down” from generation to generation, to keep it perfect as possible? Much like our own words, names, etc. spellings and pronunciatons, “handed down” to us. With no need to add- to, etc to get it right. Thanks to Mr. Daniel Webster for that. Look forward to you thoughs, many thanks for all you do. Larry We vocalize The Name: Yah o-o-o ah-h-h-h, last sylable is an exhaled breath.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      The Tetragrammaton originally consisted of three ancient Hebrew vowels: YOD HEH VAV HEH. It uses one of them twice. The vowels were part of a single-breath chant that sounded like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The “A” is the “AH” sound. The “OO” is like the “ou” in “you”. The “E” and the “A” joine together to form a sound like our “Y” used as the first letter. Putting the four letters together we get. EE-AH-OO-AH. When sung without breaks we get “EE (y) AH (h) oo (w) AH” Try it and you will see how the consonants form. That equals “YAHU-AH” when pronounced or sung. The last “ah” has special meaning in that YAHU has bound Himself to the people by a covenant. It is the same as ELO-AH It sounds to me that many people are still stuck on the consonants and do not realize that those are not the Hebrew vowels that make up the name. They are only sounds that form automatically when we pronounced the four vowels without breaks as a singer would. Correct pronunciation may not happen if Yahua knows that people are not guarding His Word and paying attention to His instructions or by keeping Sabbath and Feasts on “unclean” days. According to His word spoken by the prophets He takes the understanding of His name away from those who would profane it by their corrupted life and false religious practices. This is called “their whorings!” This study from Leonora Leet’s book on Sacred Hebrew Geometry, shows the power contained within this mystical name. It is because it is a power name that so few have been given the understanding of how it is to be used and only by those who are assured they will be the “Sons of the world to come!” Tetragrammaton Study

  4. Beverly Heckford

    Aren’t you amazed, as am I, that people saying who Yahua is DON’T quote John 17 ! There are SO many answers there! Of course, I always am amazed at simple subjects such as not completely translating their Greed Greek into English! ( I lined through ‘ Greed’ but it won’t work here ! Oh well… )

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      “Don’t quote John 17?” They ignore what John wrote, or at least do not understand what he wrote. Most of the time it is only John 1:1, John 3:16, and “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32), and “If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). All of these are taken out of context, when they are “quoted.”

  5. Robert Wankel

    Hello, I’m new to this sight and know that Yahushuah lead me here, I was wondering what “english” translation do you believe the most accurate , this subject may have already have been addressed so I will look into more of your older posts, Thankyou Robert

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      Most translations are biased because they are the products of some religious institution or religious school. Some translators were murdered by religious zealots because they refused to translate according the taxonomy of the religion or sect, etc. The publications offered by the Institute for Scripture Research of South Africa seem to be the most literal and accurate. “The Scriptures” translation, 3rd Edition of 2009 is the one I am currently using. They have 2nd edition available in digital editions that work with for eSword. And they have small (pocket), standard size, and large letter versions of the 3rd Edition available on their website. The standard size, leather bound version is a reasonably priced version. I started with that with the 2nd Version (last printed in 2008). But the 2009 / 3rd Edition is the only bound version available. ISR also publishes a “Hebrew Roots Version” that I found to be less than “perfect.” I do not recommend that version. You can order online and it takes a little while for “ground” shipping. I paid more than $70 for the 2009 large letter version. My biggest complaint about The Scriptures is the way they used “ELOHIM” for “THEOS” in the New Testament. This is not in keeping with the Hebrew Scriptures where the Name “EL” is used most frequently. In nearly all cases in the NT it is better first to use “EL” (the singular) and rarely use “ELOHIM” (the plural), depending on the context. Much understanding is hidden by this careless translation. Both Theos and God are titles without definition. Whereas Hebrew Scriptures uses the Name as opposed to titles. The catalog and ordering process for all products can be found at this link … http://www.isr-messianic.org/cc_orders/pricelist.shtml

  6. Bobby

    OKay great thank you I got it . EL the FATHER THE MIGHTY ONE . YAHUA the SON mistaken as YAHWEH also mistaken as the FATHER . OKAY as for SHUA what is the meaning of that word and why is it added to YAHUA . THANK YOU.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      YAHUA (YAHU-AH) means “He exists!” That is very fitting in terms of being both the SON and the Creator. As a Father, EL was very pleased with His SON! When YAHU is combined with SHUA, the meaning becomes, “He (who) exists is our Savior (Deliverer)” And that is fitting because YAHUA stated, “I am your savior, and there is NO OTHER!” When taken together then it is obvious that YAHUA and YAHU-SHUA are One, not two. Then everything in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the writings of the true apostles merge into one message, and not two different messages.

  7. Bobby

    The anti-messiah message . I Have to admit i am lost when it came to the actual words being pronounced properly and the meanings, and misunderstandings . I understand EL and the meaning. But not YAHUA as you pronounced ee ah oo ah. I do understand they mis pronounced the name. But under that name you provide YOD HEH VAV HEH . And also with the name YAHUSHUA how that would sound. And in anicent names when you ad another word there is more meaning as in YAHUA and YAHUSHUA. please help THANKS.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      You understand, of course, that the anti-Messiah message is not about the pronunciation, right? That is a separate issue from understanding Who is Who. Let’s look at the pronunciation first, and it should become obvious that those who use “Yahweh” even if they speak Hebrew, are mistaken. Here is why. The pronunciation of the ancient Hebrew VOWELS (YOD HEH VAV HEH) has been “captured” in the names of some of the prophets and others. First, “Elijah,” an obvious mispronunciation, is really, “ELI-YAHU”. Isaiah is “YESHA-YAHU.” Jeremiah is YIRME-YAHU, and his father was HILQI-YAHU. The father of the king of Judah at that time was YOSHI-YAHU, and his son’s name was TSIDQI-YAHU. That is sufficient evidence to conclude that the correct pronunciation of YOD HEH VAV HEH is YAHU-AH or YAHUA. But it is the identity of YAHU-AH and YAHU-SHUA is where the problem lies. The assumption being made is that YAHU-AH is “the Father” and “YAHU-SHUA” is the SON. But that is not true. YAHU-AH and YAHU-SHUA are manifestations of the same Entity — the SON! In order for YAHU-AH to become the MESSIAH, He had to be a descendant of David, to whom the promises of the MESSIAH were made! So YAHU-AH became flesh and dwelt among us. He was born into the lineage of David, and hence, could be The Messiah! Furthermore, YAHU-AH was born the SON before anything or anyone else existed. He created all things and there was nothing made that He did not make. To confuse YAHU-AH with His Father, and to DENY and TEACH that YAHU-AH (mispronounced “Yahweh”) came to the earth to become the Messiah, and to deliver humankind, and to also take the name YAHU-SHUA, and to become King over the Earth (Zechariah 14) is the anti-Messiah message. The anti-Messiah message creates confusion and deceives millions of people into believing a fable and myth rather than the truth. John wrote that we must have BOTH the Father and the Son, and that the Father was EL, a separate entity from the SON of MAN — YAHU-AH. The problem is further exacerbated by using the TITLE “GOD” (or “THEOS” Grk.) in place of the Hebrew “EL” in.Johns writings. These were originally written in Hebrew and later translated to Greek. “EL” (The MIGHTY ONE) is the most common name in the Hebrew Scriptures that is mistranslated with a title, “GOD.” But that gets lost in the Greek, does it not?

  8. Robert

    Hi Tim once again thank you for your quick and helpful response, it seems like it is a contest with people to see who says I love you first and who says it the most times and it is a mystery as to what they really mean, I think if most were taught the meaning of the word it would have some REAL meaning, and it is the leaders who talk about it the most but never explain it, it is the same thing with sin if the truth were taught and followed then the church would be out of business. Thanks again Robert

  9. Robert

    Hi Tim Every once in a while I reread the above questions and replies and I do get more insite every time, I still have a question that I would like to hopefully get resolved, it involves the true meaning of LOVE and sin. I am going to give my opinion and would like any feed back I can get as I believe this is really important. To Love Yahua and El is to abide by the 10 Commandments, To Love others is to treat them as you would like them to treat you which also involves abiding by the 10 Commandments. I believe that too many people mix the feelings created by lust with the feeling you get by wanting to treat others the way you would want to be treated and the true meaning gets lost. Yahua, Yahushua, and El love us like good parents LOve their children they want the best for them but they do expect them to abide by certain rules and if they do this that is their showing of Love. Lust plays no partin this Love, I believe the word LOve in most churches is just a word with no meaning kind of like jesus. I believe that sin is not obeying the 10 commandments which were written so perfectly that all of the things you can do wrong are incorporated in them and this makes the whole thing perfect and simple to abide by. Please give me any feed back you can I am still enjoying all of your books and I am about to start my third reading, something new every time. Thank you Robert

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      I think you have the understanding about Love and sin. But just a little more could be said about sin. The translators use one word “sin” for different Hebrew words that individually add more insight. For example. one Hebrew word, translated “sin” actually means “to do something over again because it wasn’t done right the first time.” This is a very common sin as many people get a wrong idea and because of that they continually do the wrong thing over and over again. This shows up in the work place, obviously, but it shows up more often because people are following teachings that are false and therefore. they continually do the wrong thing. This also applies to misunderstandings or poor teaching regarding the 10 commandments and Love as you observed. The church unfortunately teaches people how to sin while they speak of love, which in most cases is some kind of syrupy affectation that people put upon each other. EL and His Son, Yahua are LOVE in its true sense and experience. This includes the action Yahua is called upon to take on the part of the people. Yahua and ELknow the end from the beginning, therefore their actions are done in LOVE. But most people, who do not have LOVE, look upon their actions as cruel and harsh. What they fail to see is the BEAM in their own eyes. I am pleased to see that you are growing in this understanding, and I thank Yahua for making this possible. He is our SHEPHERD!

  10. Timothy Clark

    While I fall far short of observing the Hebrew Calendar I KNOW the name EL and Yahushua reign supreme over EVERYTHING of “man”. My big problem is voting. I feel that ALL politicians are crooks and are of the world. The Bible states that EL establishes the governments of the world for His purposes. That came from Romans. Am I to assume this is wrong because Paul wrote it ? Am I NOT TO VOTE ? Not a one of them is honest and I really want no part of it. Yet, were not OUR FREEDOMS in the USA given to us by EL ? Our founding fathers were fervent prayers. Or were they praying to the wrong EL ? Thank You

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      Is not voting your choice? Certainly, EL sets in power the basest of men (Daniel), something that is clear from our experiences of the past four years. But that is to teach us that He rules in the “kingdom of men.” Paul is a weak reed to lean upon in these matters. Voting may or may not change anything. Is it not simply a collection of opinions? And are not the masses deceived? Certainly they are, and some have found out about this deception. Many have changed their minds and loyalties since the last election.. But as long as people put their trust in princes, they will be disappointed and oppressed. Our freedoms were understood by men who had first hand experience with oppressive rule. The rule from England became so overbearing that our fathers were moved to strike out against it. It appears that the same thing is happening now. The “rulers” need to learn the lessons of Rehoboam: “Become a SERVANT to the people, and help them succeed and grow.” He refused that counsel, and the Kingdom of Israel collapsed! Rule by servants is something our socialist and communist leaders may never understand until they come under the rule of those who know how to serve and bless.

    2. Steve Tisdale

      Regarding your comments on voting, Timothy Clark, I am a voter that has restled with the seeming futility of voting in our government’s attempt at democracy. I have always accepted that Father ultimately rules. I believe that my vote is kind of like an encouragement to those who are allowed to hold offices in the government Father has allowed. I feel my vote is simply an expression that I am in the world even if I am not of it. My prayers to our highest government official (our creator) matter very much as long as the prayers are humble. No matter who wins my vote (if I vote), every government official wins my prayers that they are shown how to lead communities in a pleasing direction. I know that people tend to reject guidance from above but at least with prayer real effort is made in helping our government run smoother.

  11. Shmuel Asher

    Timothy, Within Enoch Yahushua/Machiach, appears to be named or refered to as; The Elect One; as it also stated that He was Elected by YHWH at some previous time. It also appears to state in Enoch that this Elect One was given certain powers, and a mandate or mission perameters over dealing with Yahuah’s creation. At least that’s what I’ve been seeing. My question is this; If in fact this is what is being revealed in Enoch concerning the Elect One; which we know as the Machiach; then how can it be said or understood that both Yahuwah, master of legions, be the same entity as the Elect One? Wouldnt it be clearly understood that the Elect One is and has a specific mission, and has been sent down many times in order to direct the events of man? i.e. given the scepter from the Master Yahuwah over all things within the masters creation? Thanks Shmuel

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Do you not think that it is a bit strange to go back to Enoch and the Torah and try to impose the name Yahushua upon those Scriptures? If you look at what is really in place, then you have to accept that the name Yahua precedes the Name Yahushua, which wasn’t really a question until Yahua became born in the flesh, and “pitched His tent among the people” as John 1 says? At that time it was said of Him, you shall call His Name Yahushua, which means “He who exists is the savior (deliverer”)? That is the first time that name was mentioned, is it not? Now going back to Enoch, we learn that the Son of Man was also called the Elect or Chosen, which does in fact imply that anointing would follow at some time, does it not? The promise and prophecy of the scepter was given before the earth existed, according to the revelation given to Enoch. At that time it was the Son of Man to whom this was promised, and at that same time He was given a name. However because of the covenant made with David, the beloved and faithful King, it was necessary for the Son of Man to come in the flesh and be born into the line of David. Therefore He was entitled to receive the title of “The Anointed One” (Messiah) and “King”. And His “given” name was Yahua. Now if we look at the very interesting prophecy of Zechariah 14, we find that it was indeed prophesied that Yahua would be King, right? And this Title would be given after He returns and His feet stand on the Mount of Olives. Yahua is not the Father of Yahushua. EL is the Father of the Son of Man (Yahua). The Son of Man was born out of EL before anything else existed. Therefore, since the Son of Man is also the Son of EL, Then EL and the Son also hold the Title Man, do they not? Furthermore, it was given from EL to the Son of Man to create all things including the Heaven of heavens, and the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. He even created all the Messengers, the Cherubim and Seraphim and all other beings in Heaven. See Ezekiel 28:11 and following for one example of a created Cherub. And this gets back to the anti-Messiah message that is the world’s deceived and deceiving view of Yahua. In their minds they consider Him to be the Father of Yahushua. This does two things: It removes the right to Messiah and savior from Yahua, and creates a fictional being (their “Jesus”) who most people do not know where he came from or what he is, and somehow they have to find some kind of “preexistence” for Him apart from Yahua! The only reasonable understanding is that Yahua and Yahushua are One and the same Being (One is Spirit, and the other is Flesh and full of the Spirit of Yahua.) Because Yahua was the other party to the Covenants, it was necessary for Yahua to come to the earth and to fulfill the terms of the covenants with both Israel and David (death and beatings for breach of contract). This He did and in doing so he acquired the right to be Savior, Messiah, and King of the whole earth. As Yahua said, “I am the only One. I am the first and I am the last. I am the Savior and there is no other.” This is repeated many times, and it destroys the anti-Messiah message so widely taught and believed today!

  12. Pamela

    Even though I believe that Spirit is Mother, I do not fully understand it. I think the experience of Spirit for me is like what Yahushua describes in Johanan 3:8: “The Spirit breathes where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who has been born of the Spirit.” In Yeshayahu the Spirit is described with attributes and I wonder if that is also describing the Seven Spirits of EL in Revelation. Dr. Sakach is the Spirit also the Seven Spirits? Thanks for your understanding. Shalom.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Think about what you just wrote. “What does it mean to be “Born of the Spirit?” Why did He describe the process in those terms? Also there are more than one spirit. (I John 4:1)

  13. Robert

    Hi Tim I find it so comforting that I ask the Holy Spirit through Yahusha to give me insight and low and behold I read one of your messages and I get my answer, I still was a little confused about the El ,Yahua, Yahshuas meaning and had asked for guidance a nd there it was in this article I thank you for the simplicity. Recently it happens more often, but for a while I thought I was doing something wrong but patience and Faith seem to go hand in hand Thanks again I look forward to more in the future

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Robert, I am glad to hear that. It works that way, when we are ready and we really want it, then amazing things happen. I hope you listen to the broadcast made on YOM KPR today. For me it was a transitional moment. The meaning of the sacrifices of that day, and of any time is a major shift in awareness. More and more truths are coming to light. But I am looking forward to the changes when the full understanding of all His Creation is known.

  14. Elaine Story

    Dr. Sakach, Thank you so much for this wonderful article. It brings such confirmation of the truth that Holy Spirit has put within us. As the end of this age comes to an end, I’m encouraged to know that Father is bringing together those that love His truth and desire to follow His ways. I know there is still so much to learn, but with our Mother(Holy Spirit) revealing the truth of our Father to us, we will be able to encourage one another and be lights that shine in the darkness of this world.

    1. pearl

      I can see that you call Holy Spirit our mother ………. I have not seen anywhere in the scriptures that the Father wants us to call Holy Spirit our “Mother”, but I suppose you use the word mother because Holy spirit is feminine in the hebrew language, if I have not misunderstood your teaching Timothy Sakach? The spirit of wisdom described in proverbs is also feminine, and I wonder if the spirit of wisdom is identical with the Holy Spirit ?! Do you agree dr Timothy to call Holy Spirit our Mother, and in such a case, where do we find confirmation of that in the scriptures? I have not seen Holy Spirit described as our mother in the texts that are available to me ……. I think that your teaching on the creation of man in El´s image is interesting, that El has both masculine and feminine qualities within himself, that He took the woman from Adams side. I am so glad to listen to your broadcasts, Timothy, thank you! I listen everyday on my MP3-player on my way to work and home from work. We live in Sweden so it is night here when your live broadcasts are going on. Therefore we have loaded them down to our computer and then to our mobiles. Hope for an explanation to my question above, thank you for your time. Bless you!

      1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

        I think you and I agree on the subject of the Holy Spirit. However, I think it better to think of the Spirit as “special and set-apart” from all other spirits rather than “Holy”. “Holy” means something religious and is misleading. See I John 4 on this. I am currently working on a new book about the Scriptural understanding of Conception and Spiritual Birth. Both are a focal point in the Scriptures (John 1 and 3). Also the Jewish Apostles had a concept that did not get “accepted” by the corrupt church — the Teaching about the Bridal Chamber. The church was totally biased against women. And it was for this reason that Mary Magdalene was called a prostitute (she wasn’t). She was one of the strongest leaders among the true apostles. She had to get them fired up to get out and do the right things concerning teaching the people. These materials are available to everyone now and they open up new understanding concerning the truth the apostles knew but the church wanted to suppress. That a corrupt organization of bigoted and politically motivated leaders “canonized” some documents is no reason to prevent us from examining the history and questioning the wisdom of what they did, is it?, Thank you for your comment. I am pleased to hear about the activities in Sweden. I would love to visit there some day, and meet all of you.

        1. Elaine Story

          I too call Ruach, Mother. Prov. 8:12-31 speaks to me as a description of her. Before coming out of apostasy, I was always taught Prov. 31 for “Mother’s Day”. After much study and reflection, I feel that Prov. 31 describes Ruach. Prov. 8:11 says, “For wisdom is better than rubies and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.” Also….Job 28:18 says, “For the price of wisdom is far above rubies.” Prov. 3:13-18 says the same thing. And of course Prov. 31:10 begins this way in describing a virtuous wife. I may be totally off the mark, but I do feel that Ruach is the part of my Father that relates to me as a mother. Dr. Sakach, maybe you can shed some light on this. Thank you for always allowing us to share our thoughts……..no matter how ‘out there’ they are.

          1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

            No need to fear your thoughts about this. You are being taught well — by the Spirit. Some one else wrote about this and pointed me to the verse in Jeremiah 31: 22 where is says that Yahua is doing a NEW thing on the earth: — “a man is encompassed by a woman.” This is a great example of how the Spirit works as a mother. We are placed in the “womb” (encompassed by a woman). This makes even more sense when we understand that in Genesis 5 both Adam and Eve are given the Title “Man”.

          2. penina (pearl)

            Hi! There was some misunderstanding here. I don´t call the “set apart spirit” “Mother”. I just wondered why some people do that ….. Be blessed!

          3. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

            The above comments by Pamela and me show that the actions of the of EL and the set-apart Spirit. In John 1: 12-13 in some translation the word is translated “born” but the literal translation based on the context is “conceived.” Here is the definition of the term gennao ghen-nah’-o to procreate (properly, of the father, but by extension of the mother); figuratively, to regenerate:–bear, beget, be born, bring forth, conceive, be delivered of, gender, make, spring. The context will require the fitting definition. The whole language of John in chapters 1 and 3 concerns a spiritual event that involves both a Father and a Mother. This is, of course, a mystery that, perhaps, has either been hidden until now, or masked over by false teachings! This whole process that leads to eternal life, spiritually requires the roles of both a Father and a Mother, conception, living in the “womb,” [bear] and finally being “born!” Or should I say, “Born AGAIN!” See Jeremiah 31.22 about the the New thing on earth “a woman encompassing a man” and then read the context of that chapter. It is about the giving of the Spirit!

        2. penina

          Hi again! I wonder what material you are referring to concerning the teaching of the bridal chamber? I find this very interesting, but the sites I have found on the internet were kind of “New Age-related”, I think. You say: “These materials are available to everyone now and they open up new understanding concerning the truth the apostles knew but the church wanted to suppress”. Where did you find those materials? Concerning the activities in Sweden, I don´t know about so many other persons than my husband and me, who read your site, maybe you have contact with other persons in Sweden that we don´t know about? I have put out a link on my Facebooksite to your site and radioprogram. We know about a few people who have read your teaching and listened to your radioprograms who are keeping the sabbath according to Enochs calendar. But you never know, might be many who listen and grow. There are of course fifty to maybe a hundred people who have left christianity and follow judaism´s sabbaths and holidays. They are kind of half christians, praying to hashem, not using the names. If you have contact with other people in Sweden we would love to have contact with them. We don´t have contact with other believers right now, because we have mostly studied and we try to grow as we let the teaching about the truth be established in our inner man and also of course let the spirit convict us. As you see we don´t have a group of people whom you could visit, but of course if you come to Sweden, we surely would like to meet you! Thank you for caring!

          1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

            Thank you. Try searching for the Gospel of Philip. and the Gospel of Mary or Mary Magdalene. Obviously there is a lot of controversy over these documents. But this material has been suppressed and controlled by the church. They lost a lot of control as a result of the discoveries of both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Libraries. Up until that time the Catholic congregation was not even allowed to read the Scriptures. There were different groups during the first few centuries AD. The Catholics threatened any one who disagreed with them and called them heretics and even blasphemers. Some even lost their lives over these raging controversies.

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