END TIME: Haiti and Foolish Preachers

The 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti is one of the worst tragedies to happen in the Western Hemisphere. And at the time of this writing the specter of death continues to hang over the people. But some preachers are blaming the Haitians as a people who brought this upon themselves because, according to the foolish preachers, “They made a ‘pack with the devil.’”

But it is true that these people were greater sinners than any other people in the world?

Absolutely not!

Rather than condemn the people in Haiti and make stupid claims that God was out to get them “real good” because they were such “great sinners in God’s eyes,” we need to consider God’s view and forget the assessments of fools.

The words of Yahushua …

The question I asked above is a paraphrase of a similar passage found in Luke 13. I will quote that here, because there are some important lessons that we must understand.

Luke 13:1  And some were present at that time, reporting to Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their offerings.
2 And Yahushua (יהושע) answering, said to them, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they have suffered like this?
3 “I say to you, no! But unless you repent you shall all perish in the same way.
4 “Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Shiloaḥ fell and killed them, do you think that they were greater offenders than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem?
5 “I say to you, no! But unless you repent you shall all perish in the same way.”
6 And He spoke this parable, “A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none.
7 “And he said to the gardener, ‘Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down, why does it even make the ground useless?’
8 “And he answering, said to him, ‘Master, leave it this year too, until I dig around it and throw manure.
9 ‘And if indeed it bears fruit, good. But if not so, you shall cut it down.’ ”

Here are two examples from the news of that day. The people were talking about these events and wondering why these people died. “Were the dead people really bad people — worse than the rest of the people?”

This question is being asked by many people around the world — even today!

The question contains many flaws in thinking:

  • That their God singled them out from the rest.
  • That these people must have done something wrong to bring this upon them.
  • That those who asked the question failed to recognize there was something that was really common between the victims and the rest of the world.

The first flaw betrays a lack of understanding of the real motives and thoughts of the One, whom I will address as “EL.”

Here is EL’s true feelings about this.

Matthew 18:14 “Thus it is not the desire of your Father [EL] who is in the heavens that one of these little ones should perish (die).

John 3:16 “For EL so loved the world that He gave His only brought-forth Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.
17 “For EL did not send His Son into the world to judge [condemn] the world, but that the world through Him might be saved [delivered].
18 “He who believes in Him is not judged, but he who does not believe is judged already, because he has not believed in the Name of the only brought-forth Son of EL.
19 “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were wicked.
20 “For everyone who is practicing evil matters hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.
21 “But the one doing the truth comes to the light, so that his works are clearly seen, that they have been wrought in EL.”

Note: As we shall see, El is the Father. And Yahua/Yahushua is EL’s Son.

Saving the people? Why?

The above Scriptures focus on a process, do they not? That process is defined as saving or delivering people from death, isn’t it?

But is that process understood by the preachers, priests and religion teachers, particularly among those who call themselves Christians?

The current “process” as understood by millions is to belong to a church or to come down to the altar and “accept Jesus” or to “make Jesus the lord of your life.” But if you don’t, then you, according to Christian theology, are judged and condemned.

What is not understood, is that Yahua/Yahushua is ALREADY the owner of your life, whether or not you believe or understand it. No one can make Him the “Lord of your life” except EL. And Yahua is already fulfilling that role, whether you believe it or not! But few really understand how that happened.

Judge not and you will not be judged …

The second point is that people conclude that if something goes wrong or some great trouble happens to people that these people MUST have been worse than the rest.

The answer is “No, but unless you repent (‘change the way you think about all things’) you will perish or die in the same way!”

What this is saying is rather than singling out a select group of people, the whole world is caught up in the same deception. “There is none that does good!”

In other words, the small group of people is not the ones who perished, but rather the few that find the Way and do it — the ones who do what is right! “Few there be who find it.”

“Believe something — anything just so long as you believe.” Huh!

This leads to the comments recorded by John (Yohannan).

Here we find that the key lies in understanding or Light. Also this is linked to believing something. And that is where the trouble lies. If you believe the wrong thing, then you are no better off than if you didn’t believe anything, right?

The conclusion is that no matter where one starts, that one must eventually arrive at the point where is it obvious that his or her works can be accounted as having been “wrought in EL.” That is to say that One does what One does because that One is partnered with EL — the only One. As I wrote in another place, “EL is manifested through you and as you.”

The only Way …

Few live this Way.

But that will be the only Way in the future. And all who do not live that Way now will have to be raised from the dead and given a new body and Spirit wherein they will live the Way, the Truth and the Life with understanding.

What is the common factor in this world between those who died by some event and those who did not? They all walk in darkness and are heading to a common end.

What is it then in John’s gospel that we must understand and believe in order to be part of the Way?

It is sad that the Christians got so close, but still missed the point. This is a consequence of a corruption in the theology that is a deep part of their teaching. It is very subtle and therefore overlooked.

The common belief lies in the confusion about who is the Savior and what is it that the Savior does.

As I mentioned earlier, the name is not “Jesus” but rather “Yahushua.” The word “Jesus” or “Hay Soos” is from the Latin with the same sound. However, this is not derived by etymology from the Hebrew.

“Yahushua” (EE – AH – OO – SHOO – AH) means “Yahua — Our Savior”  or “He who exists is our Savior.”

When was the Firstborn born?

This takes us back, not to the time of Yahushua’s birth in the flesh, but rather to His birth at the very beginning — before there was anything. He is the Firstborn of all creation. He is the FIRSTBORN Son of EL — whereas before the Son there was EL.

Yahua and Yahushua are One and the same. The difference is the BODY that Yahua received to become LIKE HIS BROTHERS for a little while so that HIS BROTHERS can become like Him.

Before anything else came to exist, there was only EL. There is still only EL and we are all manifestations of EL’s power and essence. Then EL produced by meditating on His Self, His Firstborn and only begotten SON. In Enoch He is called the Son of MAN. That embodies one of the biggest mysteries — the birth of the One — the Son of Man — who, after He was born, created all things. This He did by drawing upon the power and essence of EL, His Father, and shaped that into those things which are visible and invisible and great beyond our ability to grasp.

Christians have speculated and opined about this for centuries, but they still don’t get it. Consequently, they do not themselves understand and believe what was written in John’s gospel.

So after the FIRST birth there was EL — the Father and His only born Son — the Son of Man. This started a long process of BRINGING MANY SONS TO HIGH ESTEEM (crudely translated as “Glory”).

We are ignorant participants in the Great Process

Now the problem is that the common thought does not contain this. However, at the same time, EL sees it as DONE and FINISHED. Yet we are still in the middle of this great BIRTHING PROCESS.

But for this to become a reality in our lives and the lives of all human kind, we had to be participants in the process. So from the beginning of human life, all who were born participated in a grand plan. For most of the time, very few even knew what was happening. But these few were part of the plan.

To bring the process to its ultimate reality, the Son of Man was given a NAME, which was YAHUA and in that Name was a message to human kind that “He exists.” The question we should have asked was “WHY?” And if we wanted to know all we had to do was ask EL. This is shocking, but that is what the prophets and apostle learned. The primary and most powerful Force from whose essence and power came all things was, is, and always will be EL.

Therefore, “If you ask anything of the FATHER (EL) in My Name, He will give it to you.”

Bound to a perpetual contract …

Yahua’s tasks required the establishment of a binding life and death, blessing and curse agreement between His Self and humankind. This was accomplished by the creation of a people, Israel, who would become the Kings and Priests of the world and who would then confirm their part in the agreement for them and in proxy for the rest of humanity. After all the “paragraphs” and “covenants” were established and ratified, both the people and Yahua were legally bound to perform. If either “party” failed to keep their part, the other side was bound to be faithful. It was this good faith and this agreement that sealed the ultimate fate of human kind and of Yahua.

It became obvious early on that the people were not going to keep the agreement. They left and went astray from the covenants and conditions and decided to do something that was outside of the agreement and by doing this they brought upon themselves death and curses — the payment required by their lack of performance. They were thus doomed to destruction. And there has not been one on the party of the people who did not fall under this penalty.

How then could this debt be resolved?

Yahua had to become flesh, walk the earth and suffer and die and pay the debt that was owed by all. He successfully completed this task and thereby was given the power over everything — in heaven and the earth. He did this in such a way that it should be easy for us to understand — he paid our mortgage on our “house.” We should know by now that if someone pays our mortgage, then the “house” does not belong to us. In other words, by paying the debt that was owed by all people living or dead or not yet born, Yahua purchased everyone. Therefore, He can do with us whatever He wants, and that includes raising us from our graves, giving us a brand new and clean body, giving us a new “heart” and a new “Spirit.”

Yahua walked the earth in the presence of the people. They saw Him, Heard Him speak and received food from His hand. He made Himself and EL — His Father — known to the apostles. And then as a human He died and was born-again by the resurrection and then ascended back to His Father.

So also shall we all be born-again by a resurrection.

So back to our initial question, “Were these people cursed more than any others on earth?”

The obvious answer is “No, but unless you change your mind and get clean spiritually, you shall likewise perish.”

This is not a reference to the ultimate end, but rather a temporary period of suffering and dying — not simply falling asleep and dying — but a painful death. Nevertheless, the fact remains …

“It has been appointed for people to die once.”

Given the truth that has been declared in this article, we must learn the truth about Yahua and the tasks He has been given. Then when His feet once again tread upon the earth, we shall see Him and learn from Him and completely understand the mysteries of EL and HIS only brought forth Son — Yahua — the “Son of Man” since before the foundation of the universe.

11 thoughts on “END TIME: Haiti and Foolish Preachers

  1. Judith Liversage

    Dear Friends of Tim and Father El and our brother Yahua

    I’ve been reading all the previous comments and teachings . I have so much to learn. I’m staying up into the early mornings indulging in the TRUTH that others have also enquired about .The End Time Prophecies and the Kingdom of El . What to expect in the times ahead of us.

    I would like my dear friends and family to come to the truth.

    I’m also a Teacher at a ” Christian ” school. I desire they also know the truth, I want the children to know the TRUTH. I ‘m restricted in what I’m aloud to teach. Please pray with me to do the Right thing. I want to be at the right place since Father El called me to this part of His vineyard I have a heart for the children and their parents whose desire that their children get a GOOD Godly Education . I love my work.

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you my NEW Family and Friends.

    Blessings from Judith

  2. Brandon

    Glad I happened to catch the above comments. I’ve been meaning to ask which translation(s) you would suggest? Also, what other “lost” books would you recommend?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      The English translation I use most is The Scriptures that was published by the Institute for Scriptural Research in South Africa. It is available from distributors in the United States. The link is on the blog list. The “Hebrew Roots” translation that they are selling now, I purchased but I found it not very useful. Nearly all other translations are church products and only tangentially useful. The paraphrased translations like The Messages are horrible. Other books that are helpful are Enoch: The Book Behind the Bible; Fathers; The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs; The Book of Jubilees; and the Book of Jasher. The last two need to be cleaned up. For newcomers, just coming out of Christianity, I recommend that they “exile” the writings of Paul, Mark, and Luke. The flow of understanding starts with Enoch (mentioned above, not the Enoch of the LDS, or II Enoch or III Enoch or the Slavic Enoch.) The Enoch I edited and produced was from the translation by R. H. Charles. It is the one that is quoted by Peter and Jude, and known by Moses and the prophets. The prophecies in Enoch show up in Ezekiel and Revelation. After Enoch then comes the Torah (Instructions of Yahua), the Writings (History of Israel), the Prophets, the Apostles of Judah. If you can understand what they are saying, then you really need nothing else, except maybe some books from Science, history, and others that the Spirit might lead you to read. I will continue to write more books and do more broadcasts that will cover entire books of Scripture, not just a little here or there, like most others are prone to do. EL (The Father) is the source of Wisdom and Understand as the apostle James wrote. John’s writings, when understood, show the relationship between the Father (EL) and the Son (Yahua, yes, the same Yahua of the Hebrew Scriptures). These two principles are key to understanding. Without them, well … Also remember “God” and “Lord” are titles, not names. The problem with “God” is that it is and abstract word and really not a translation of the Hebrew. And the world “Lord” is not a translation at all. “Lord” is a more accurate translation of the word “Baal.”

  3. Robert

    Hi Tim I havent written to you for a while but have been enjoying your books I am now in the third reading of all three and learn more each time . I may seem a bit slow but that is the way I have to do things, each day I also read the bible I have 3 different ones and read from each one in order each day it is amazing how much I get by doing this after I ask for help from .. El through the Holy Spirit and Yahua .in Yashuas name. After reading your books the Bible even makes more sense as I now can see the problems in interpretation and I now can see the problems with the new testament other than Matthew ,John, James ,and Jude,. I ordered a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible a while back and just recieved it today,it is written by Martin Abegg Jr. , Peter Flint & Eugene Ulrich I do not remember where I ordered it but it was on a website, just wondering if you were familiar with it and if you have any comments, I very much enjoy all of your broadcasts and writings and now that I am following the Enoch Calendar I feel I am on the right track Thanks Robert

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Robert, That is certainly encouraging news. I am thankful that you are being blessed. And that blessing comes from the Father (EL) and from His Son. We are all on this path together, and there does seem to be much to learn and to unlearn. I find that at times, things that I thought I learned in the past or in school tend to show up. Then I realize that what I assumed to be true was not. That is why I like to use the broadcasts to go through the entire context of one of the Books of Scriptures and not just “pick a little” from here or there and try to create a “sermon.” I do have “The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible” and I have read much of it. I think I may need to go back and examine it again. I find that over time, as understanding improves, what we thought we learned in the past often becomes clearer. I have many translations of the Scriptures and books with other writings that the church does not consider Scripture (like ! Enoch). But I find that the Bible raises questions so that those who do have insight and understanding will raise question and seek for answers that can only be found elsewhere. Thank you!

  4. Pamela

    Thank you Dr. Sakach. In your opinion, how will we “be cleansed, made white, and refined”? Through suffering, or through our own power, or through Yahua’s Power? All of the above? How will we know when the process is complete? How does one find the freedom you speak of in the post above? Just by coming out of the false teachings of the anti-messiah? How does the Ruach work in this? When will the liberty come? Why does it seem like it doesn’t come? As MANY are cleansed, why are MANY not, even though they seek this?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      What is missed by most, is the Apostle Peter’s statement that judgment is NOW upon the House of EL. It begins with a few. Then as time gets closer to the next age, it changes from a “few” to “many” as was revealed to Daniel. “It is a process.” But it helps if we know that the name of the Father is “EL” in Hebrew or “ELOAH.” The name EL using the proto-Hebrew pictographic letters tells us that EL is STRONG and POWERFUL. But HE carries a SHEPHERD’S STAFF with which He leads us gently. The ELOAH came along later and adds to EL the concept that EL is bound by covenants, promises, and agreements through His Son Yahua, who acting on EL’s behalf as a PROXY and REPRESENTATIVE for EL. This relationship is between EL, YAHUA, and the people. This eventually required that Yahua take the role of the people by coming in the flesh. In doing so He confirmed the covenants by purchasing all the debt of the whole world starting from Adam to today and beyond. Once we understand the knowledge and truth about EL (the Father) and YAHUA (His son who was actually born before anything else other than EL exists.) Hence, when Yahua was born, EL proclaimed to Himself, “He Exists!” Then YAHUA (“He exists!”) began the process of creating all things in heaven, and the universe, and on the earth. YAHUA also created the ELOHIM — the Mighty Ones who assist in the business of EL. YAHUA was born out of EL. The ELOHIM were created out of the essence and power of EL, through His only Son, Yahua. One more thing that must be understood. EL is available to all. We are part of His essence and power. Therefore, we have access to EL, the Father. We can ask Him for wisdom and understanding and He will liberally give to all who ask and trust, without wavering, that we will receive it. This is the key to spiritual growth and the eternal life. However, there is a difference between EL and Yahua. Yahua made covenants with the people. He gave instructions directly and through Enoch, Moses, the examples found in the history of Israel (not just Jews, but the entire household of Jacob), and through the Prophets, and then face-to-face with His disciples, and Apostles. Therefore, if we fail to learn and keeps His commandments and instructions, and turn away to the gods of the nations, then He will turn His back on us and hide Himself from us. He will not answer our prayers. He will say, “If you want answered prayer, then ask your fake gods and see if they answer. But if you want Me to answer your prayers then listen to Me and learn from Me.” Something the world is loathe to do. But EL will look upon us, and hear our cries, and if we ask EL according to His desire, He hears us, He will lead us to understanding and eventually to HIGH ESTEEM in the Family of EL. But all must come to the Father (EL) through the Son, who now literally owns all the people. Because as John wrote, “He that does not believe that Yahua, the Messiah came in the flesh and was sent by EL, does not have the Father EL or the Son. ” John also wrote, “Anyone who does not teach this (the truth that the SON Messiah came in the flesh and was sent by EL) is leading you astray and is the anti-messiah.” Read John’s letters and where the word “God” appears, substitute the real name “EL” and where the world “Son” or “Jesus” appears substitute the word “Yahua.” John’s letters and gospel were originally written in Hebrew. Much has been lost in the translation to the Greek. The Spirit (Hebr. RUACH) is given to us as a helper who can lead us into all truth. This is part of the promises made with EL and the people. Yahua asked EL to make the Spirit available to the people, in accordance with EL’s desire. Then when we are immersed in the Spirit, we almost become cocooned or placed in the womb where we will remain until we are born-again by the resurrection.

    2. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      I read from one of the “hidden” (apocryphal) books written by Baruch that when we are raised and given new bodies, there will be period of time when those who have immortality will begin to change and will begin to show their Light, while those who are given fresh mortals will observe the change. Then on the 1,335 day, which is the Feast of Firstfruits, the immortal Ones will be presented before EL, the Father. They will ascend to their Father and return as the Sons of God. Whether they were male or female in the flesh, they will be “like the messengers”. But not exactly like them. For a little while we are all a “little lower than the Messengers from Elohim. But at that time the world wil see these return from EL and display power and high esteem and be superior to the Messengers. They will be the Sons of EL and have the right and power to use EL’s power and essence to create and make lasting changes. They will be like their brother Yahua. Now this is not taught by either christians or jews. But that is not the point. The church is not involved in this, in spite of the sermons and doctrines to the contrary. There is no such thing as the church in the Scripture. The translators chose the word “church” as a consequence of ecclesiastical political pressure, like “Translate it this way or you will be put to death, and your work will be burned.” Obviously, that is not being clean and pure, is it? The prophecies of Daniel, from which that statement you quotedcame, have paralleled in Matthew 24, where Yahua tells about the trouble that will close the ages or “Weeks” of Enoch’s prophecy. He tell about what will happen to Judah when they will stir up the anger of the Romans, and also what will happen at the end of this age. So the learning, and cleansing will come by trouble and distress. There are references to suffering and persecution and war specifically against the set-apart ones. But those who know and understand EL and His Son, Yahua will prevail. While others whose faith has been in false doctrines, and fake gods will suffer severe problems. I recently read portions of a book by Albert Pike. He was a Mason, but I won’t hold that against him. He was general in the Civil War and fought on the side of the Confederacy. He also showed great wisdom and understanding in his book Morals and Dogma. He prophesied three world wars. The prophecies showed that he had incredible foresight as the first two were exactly as he foresaw. And the way things are progressing now, it looks like he will be spot-on for the next world war. This war, according to his prophecy, will be waged against Christian nations by Islamic nations. The prophecies of Ezekiel predict the same thing, but not for Christians, as that word did not exist until it was “coined by Paul.” Instead Ezekiel sees these thing happening to the House of Israel. Ezekiel’s writings also use Jerusalem as a symbol of the House of Israel. Now if you know anything about the history of Jacob’s tribes, you would know that the Kingdom of Israel, which was started by David, split after Solomon’s death. Two “Houses” were formed: the House of Israel in the north, and the House of Judah in the south. Even during David’s time people left the land and migrated to Europe and to the North. After the House of Israel was taken captive, they were let go and traveled north and passed through the Caucasus mountains. This took some time and during this trek they became known as the Caucasians. We still use that name to refer to the people of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, United States, and South Africa. These are considered the “Christian” nations. Ezekiel refers to these as the House of Israel in our time! Ezekiel, who came from the House of Judah, was in exile and a prisoner on Babylon at the time — some 300 years after the House of Israel was taken. Therefore his prophecies were meant for a later time, our time — the time of the end of the Seventh Week or age of Enoch. Ezekiel received the prophecies from Yahua, and served as a scribe and as a symbol. He wrote the message that told in great detail about the abominations our people commit and about the trouble that will come and take us into captivity again. But only after disease, famine, war, and wild animals kill more than two-thirds of the population of the “House of Israel.” The prophecy also tells about the lying prophets, and those who speak out their own head and not by the Spirit of Yahua. He wrote about the places of worship on every cross roads. He wrote about how the people who trusted in the pastors and religion to save them, were killed in their places of worship. However, at the end of each event, Yahua said, “And they shall know that I am Yahua.” After this, the people will know Yahua, and never again turn their back on Him and go after other gods. The other gods, all of them will be destroyed, and never be seen again! It should be obvious that the people of the world are far removed from where they should be. They trust in politicians and princes — to no avail. They also trust in their false prophets and sing the songs of the pastors while some look for a “rapture” that will save “the true church” (a non-Scriptural phrase that has deceived millions). And among the nations, Yahua will separate the sheep (Israel) from the goats! So, yes, there will be trouble unlike anything that the world has ever seen. But out of it will come the branch of the House of Israel in Ephraim’s hand, the branch of the House of Judah in Judah’s hand, and the two branches will be joined into one branch after they are raised from the dead and delivered out of the tribulation to stand before Yahua after His feet stand again on the Mount of Olives. And there shall be a multitude of unknown number, who will join with Israel. This multitude are those who are from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues. These stand before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes, and palm branches in their hands, and crying out in a loud voice, “Deliverance belongs to our EL who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” “These are those coming out of the great distress, having washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb. Because of this they are before the throne of EL, and serve Him day and night in His Dwelling Place. And He who sites on the Throne shall spread His Tent over them….”The Lamb who is in the midst of the throne shall shepherd them and lead them to fountains of waters of Life. And EL shall wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (Rev 7)

  5. Pamela

    ““EL is manifested through you and as you.” The only Way … Few live this Way. But that will be the only Way in the future. And all who do not live that Way now will have to be raised from the dead and given a new body and Spirit wherein they will live the Way, the Truth and the Life with understanding. ” ~quoted from above post Do you think El experiences death and disease, sorrow and joy right along with us and through us. Some of the people who died in that earthquake tragedy may in all possibility have allowed Him to live through them. The people who lived may have been given a new start to live the way He desires for us. Yahushua said the kingdom is taken by force. Is that what he may have meant? We suffer violence every day it seems. Thank you for your message.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      When you consider that EL is All and in All, then EL does experience everything that we do. And EL gives to all people liberally, if they ask. But the key to a Life-giving spiritual relationship is in knowing that Yahua is EL’s only Son, and that Yahua’s job as Creator, Redeemer, and Deliverer (Savior) is to carry out the desire of EL to bring MANY Son’s to “Glory” or High Esteem. They, whether male or female in the flesh, will become those Sons. EL is our Father and we will be given Eternal Life, in the same way that Yahua who also died and was raised from His tomb by His Father. Even though we might look at the end of this age and the history of human kind up to this time as being filled with disaster and trouble, the hope of all people lies in EL and in His Son who was born of EL and made a Son first, before anything else was made. Yahua is the Firstborn of all creation, and is our Brother! He is true and faithful to the promises He made to us through our Fathers, therefore, we can look forward to the future with hope and joy. So happy are those who know and live in EL and in His Son, Yahua. But if they do not know this, then they will feel a sense of confusion, hopelessness, loss and empty suffering. As noted in the post above, those who suffered and died in this earthquake, were not singled out as being more evil than all the world. But all people of the world must understand that if they don’t change their minds and come to understand the Truth, then they will perish in the same way. In other words, one must understand John 1, I John, and II John. If not, they will have been deceived by the message of the Anti-Messiah that went out from Jerusalem (and turned his back in bitterness against the true apostles) (See Acts 15). He left to deceive the masses, and cause the people to follow the way of Balaam and bring curses upon their selves and their offspring. See also Matthew 24. Now concerning the “taking the kingdom by force:” (Matthew 11:12) The phrase seems to be relating to the Shepherd who turns his flock over to his helpers to guard them while he rests. The helpers build a wall of stone so that the sheep can be held in place during the sometime dangerous night. Then in the morning, (the dawn of a new day), the helpers come and enter into the sheep pen and begin to make a breech in the wall, but before they can complete the break, the sheep push “violently” through to run to the shepherd, who will then lead them to the green pastures and still waters. Here is the example from Micah 2:12-13 …

      I shall certainly gather all of you, O Ya’ aqob (Jacob), I shall bring together the remnant of Yisrael, put them together like sheep of the fold, like a flock in the midst of their pasture, they being noisy because of men. The breach-maker shall go up before them. They shall break out, and pass through the gate, and go out by it, and their sovereign pass before them, with Yahua at their head!

      Let’s look at this from the point of view of what is happening now. As we approach the next age, also called the Kingdom of EL, those who understand and see the Shepherd nearby, are bursting forth, like penned up sheep or like water from a broken dam. And those who are even now in the Kingdom are finding liberty and freedom. If you can understand it, this web site functions as a “breach-maker” to “prepare the way” for the return of Yahua — the Shepherd. (“Yahua is my shepherd, I shall not want. …”) Two tremendous things have happened. (1) Up until this day few have found the Way. Most are followers of the Anti-Messiah and have joined together by flattery and deceit. (2) Those who are in the Kingdom are finding freedom and liberty to bring the True Message to the world. The potential is underway for millions (many) to also share in the Kingdom and in this freedom BEFORE the end of the age comes. However, the deceivers and followers of the Anti-Messiah are fighting hard against the Truth by spawning even greater and more absurd teachings, and those who are still unstable must move quickly and surely to protect what they have learned that is Truth, and to be diligent in becoming cleansed and made white and refined. …

      And he said, “Go, Daniel, for the words are hidden and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be cleansed and made white, and refined. But the wrong shall do wrong — and none of the wrong shall understand. But those who have insight shall understand.”

      Those prophecies are no longer sealed as this blog shows. This is the time of the end of this age. It is the time when MANY will be cleansed, made white, and refined.


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