GOSPEL: The Feast of Tabernacles and The Great Day Oct 9-10, 2009.

I have not written about the Great Day before, although I should have. Some call it the “last Great Day” — as though it is the “last day of the Feast of Tabernacles.” But it is a separate High Day and a day to set-apart. What could the world have learned if all people took time to keep this day?

As I write this we are concluding the Feast of Tabernacles. This is another Seven-Day Festival when people from all around will leave their homes and come to a special place to live in temporary dwellings like tents or lean-to’s. For those whose day-to-day life depends upon their efforts, the FOT is a welcome change. For those who are used to living in their comfortable homes, it could be a trial.

Why would people subject themselves to such inconvenience?

Basically, to learn.

This lack of comfort is a reminder of the fact that this kind of life we live now is only temporary. There is another time where life will be much better than the struggling existence we live now. Enoch said of that time, “There I long to dwell!”

And so should we.

In Zechariah 14 the Feast of Tabernacles is prophesied to be set-apart to the world. Nations will be asked to come to Jerusalem to keep the feast. If they refuse, then they will not get any rain. Each nation on earth is to be represented in Jerusalem during the next age. There it will be taught to them how they are to teach and care for their people. They will learn that they must set apart a place for their people to come each year to keep this feast. And each year representatives will come to Jerusalem.

That should tell us that the Torah is not limited to Israel and Judah. It is for all people everywhere!

But now not only do the rulers of nations not know about what they should be teaching and exemplifying before their people, they don’t even care about it!

Because of this their kingdoms and rule will be taken from them and given to those who know what is happening.

These days are deeply loved by Yahua. He is very protective of them. This is why He had to send Israel and Judah into captivity. They either forgot these days or did not take them seriously. They also decided to keep them on a foreign and abominable calendar, rather than on the one revealed by Uriel to Enoch, and reestablished with the People of Jacob when they were delivered from Egypt. During the first three months when they traveled across the Sinai peninsula to Mount Sinai, they were taught when the Sabbath came; they were taught to eat the Passover; they were taught about the importance of eating unleavened bread; there not given any grain or bread during the Feast of Weeks; they made a powerfully far-reaching covenant on the Feast of Firstfruits. All of these things were aligned perfectly with the calendar revealed to Enoch.

Though it had been lost to them, the revealed calendar was restored for a time. Even David set up a schedule of 24 courses for the priests to follow during the course of the year. Each was assigned to work a 15-day period. And 15 days X 24 courses equals what? 360 days — the counted days of Enoch’s calendar.

Then in the fall, starting with the first day of the seventh month, another round of Feasts and High days was established. And also the only fasting day — Yom KPR was also established on the 10th day of the seventh month.

Then the Feasts ended with a seven-day stay in tents or make-shift dwellings.

And after all of that was finished, there was one more day, called “The Great Day.”

So what was that all about? What are we supposed to learn by keeping the Great Day?

This may be hard to comprehend, but all other Feasts, High Days, Sabbaths, and the Seven Weeks lead up to the Great Day.

Some believe that the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths is a feast about the millennium of Revelation. Perhaps, but when it is placed in the context of end of time events, it seems to take on a different meaning. It certainly doesn’t depict the kind of life we will be living in the next age, does it?

On the contrary, like the Feast of Unleavened bread (seven days of affliction), the Feast of Weeks (no grain either old new, baked or roasted is to be taken and consumed), the Feast of Tabernacles emphasizes just how inconvenient and afflicting is has been for all of those who lived at any time during the first seven “weeks” or ages. 

Frankly, we are living in a place that is not “home” for us, are we not? No one should consider this life as “it” — as “home.”

What is good about it?

It has been hard to stay clean and fresh. We are afflicted when we sleep and troubled when we wake up. We have to deal with financial hardship, poor health, old age, frustrating relationships, unhappy work, the pain of birth and the agony of death.

Is that all there is to this miserable life we now live?

Or is there something more?

Yes, there is something more.

There is the Great Day.

Why is that day so significant? What makes it so great?

If you have read my post about the Hebrew letters and numbers, you should have learned about the three phases of creation. Very simply, they are

  1. The creation of the Plan — the grand thought. (1 to 9)
  2. The manifestation of life and death, good and bad. (10 to 90)
  3. The fulfillment of the Plan — Life forever. (100 -900)

We are living now at a momentous time in the history of human kind. Life as we know it is about to change. No more evil, no more death, no more tears, no more deception. We are going to see and experience the manifestation of the Plan.

We will know what HOME is really like! It is the same Home that Enoch saw and about which he said, “There I long to dwell!”

After living in a makeshift dwelling for all these seven ages, we will finally be going Home, where we really belong! And I don’t mean “heaven” as the “gospel” singers like to sing about.

This transition from our life now to what our life will be like on the Great Day transcends anything we could imagine. It is so Great that we will need to pinch ourselves because we will think it is only a dream!

When that Great Day comes, the earth and heaven will rejoice with joy and song like you never heard before — like no being has ever heard before!

So in spite of the serious trouble this earth must face, lift up your hands and head and rejoice for the Great Day will dawn and what a beautiful day it will be.

5 thoughts on “GOSPEL: The Feast of Tabernacles and The Great Day Oct 9-10, 2009.

  1. Aaron Bell

    I have been a “searcher” for the truth my whole life. Many religions and dogmas have appeared before me to wrangle my attention; only to have them fade into the darkness from where they came. I had given up after my mom’s death in Dec 2007 searching. I turned to becoming an agnostic (fence rider with no effort). Something happened a few weeks ago (breakdown maybe) and the command to begin searching again became very loud. Many illogical answers came spewing forth in my renewed search enthusiasm, but I kept praying and asking for truth and clarity. I am hoping that your you, your books and resources will finally be the gate I am to enter to find the truth. Peace be with you brother and may the divine spirit continue to flow from you and provide the much needed river of comfort during this drought of wisdom and law.

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      I appreciate your questions and the fact that you have taken up the task of seeking, asking, and finding. This has been an exciting time for me as well, as I remember questioning the Sunday school teachers when I was five years old. They were not very happy with that. Before I went to college, I sat down in the living room and told my mother what was going to happen in my life. It has been just as I told her. In college I immediately ran into a conflict with the church and the ministers and this drove me into a long time of prayer until one night, I heard a voice in my head tell me to get out of the room. So I took my books and ran out. Kind of scared me. But afterward I found that my prayers were starting to be answered. This led to a major change in my life and in the lives of many people in the school. They still refer to the powerful “move of the Spirit” that happened one night. I was asked to join the student body president on the chapel stage. He was speaking the same words that I had been telling my classmates. I joined him on the stage and that night and the next morning the Spirit continued to affect the entire school. I left the next year before the end of my junior year. For a long time I was cocooned away in another school across the country. I never could be part of any ministry and when others came to ask me to be one of their ministers, I was moved to turn them away. One pastor asked me to teach the book of Ezekiel to his people. I ask him if he was sure, he wanted me to do that. I told him that he would no longer have a church before I was finished. I got to chapter 13, and he told me there was no church any more. It wasn’t until my father died in 2005 that I told my mother that I was going to be writing full time and doing the work I told her I would be doing before I went to college. My mom also died that year 91 days exactly from the day my father died. My brothers looked at me, and recognized that it was one quarter of Enoch’s year between their deaths. My mom said before she died that she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t die. After that I started to write my first book and about a year later I started the blog in January of 2007. Up until now the blog has reached a little more 150,000 people. But only lately have people from all over the world start to contact me and ask me questions, and devour all the pages and comments. But the experience has been good for me as it seems I learn something new with each article or comment I write. And that brings up something that you should know. Because I am also learning some of the older material may not say exactly the same thing I am writing. It is not that much different, but lately new understanding has come that is thrilling to me in that it is a source of strength and power. This is because of the connection and understanding about EL (our Father) and His Son (the Son of MAN) who was born from EL before anything else existed. The Son also created all things in heaven and on earth including the Messengers and other Mighty Ones in Heaven. The Son of MAN was presented before the creation in heaven, and was given a new name that was hidden, somewhat, until this time. That name is Yahua, which means “He exists!” He was then chosen to also be the Messiah, and the Logo of EL, and the deliverer who would bring new born Sons of EL before the rest of Creation.This will be presented to the creation in Heaven and on earth on the 1335th day — the Feast of Firstfruits in the next age. That is why we have been born in the first place, and all the people who ever lived will see the Sons of EL and be taught what they need so that they can share in this highly esteemed Life. It is important to understand that the Hebrew letters have both number values and esoteric meanings. When they are combined they reveal mysteries. For example, the letters that represent the female power in creation have the number 555. So “woman” is 555. And “man” or the “male” powers of creation have the number 666. That is the number of “man”. But when the female power of creation combines with the male power conception and birth takes place, as written in John 1. The spiritual creation produces another MAN, whose number is 777. The number of EL who is also MAN is 777. The Son of MAN also has the number 777. And we who understand and have both the Father (EL) and Yahua (the Son of MAN) are also going to be given the number 777. This is the message that John was trying to convey in John 1, 1 John and 2 John, which were originally written in Hebrew. Any message or “gospel” or teaching that does not coincide with that is called the message of the anti-Messiah. It is against the truth about EL, His Son, and the work Yahua has been given to do. Yahua came to the earth to perform an important task for all by paying the debt the people owed and in doing that He purchased all human beings who have every lived or will live. One such message is that of the church that considers Yahua to be the Father and Jesus to be the son. Jesus is the church name and it hides who this Being is. The church has rejected Yahua and in doing so they also reject “Jesus.” His real name is Yahushua, which means “He who exists is our deliverer.” He also has another name which is ImmanuEL or EL is with us. Yahua is Yahushua. They are One and the same. The Father is EL, and the Son of MAN is Yahua/Yahushua. This is something that must be understood because it opens a breach in the wall and allows access to the Shepherds (EL and Yahua), who will feed you and lead you to the fountain of righteousness and to the many fountains of wisdom. And you can also receive the Spirit from them, who like a Mother will guide you into all truth. I thought it best to pass that along now, because it will help you in your quest to find the truth and the freedom it brings.

  2. Carol Hildebrand

    Finally! I found one. One, who has helped me prove to myself that I hae been on the right path my whole life. I thought I was crazy because I couln’t go tochurch on Sunday and all the preachers lied. I’ve studied all religions but stuck with the Bible since I was 12 and felt the awesome power of EL in the 1964 earthquake here in Alaska. I lapsed, as we all do, but never left my God. Proved Sabbath to my family and had Sabbath studies till 2001when my dad died. Since then I have kept Sabbath alone( noone I can find wants to know anything about God) and have kept His Holy Days as best as I could. Thank you for showing me I am not crazy. Everybody I know doesn’t want to know and that scares me to death for my children. I DO have a nine year old granddaughter, named Serenity, that DOES want to know. So, in that respect I feel purposeful. And now,because El helped me find you, I know I am not alone. I am a watcher, too, and I believe I have come full circle now. Tie to tell the children. They seem to be the only ones who do want to know the truth but have no way or no teacher to teach them. I will spend a lot of time at the park this summer. I’ve seen this coming for10 years but needed to know that I was doing the right thing. God gave me you today and I needed this verification. Thank you again, Carol Hildebrand

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Thank you for your words. I am encouraged by them. We have been given much and I need to come to understand just how much and why. Yahua is my strength and my deliverer. Yahua is the strength of my life. Keep watching as this year will begin to reveal Yahua’s strength to the world.

  3. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

    NOTE: In Leviticus 23 all of the Feasts and High days are explained. The description of the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles is specifically described as being a festival of “Seven Days” starting in verse34

    “On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is Festival of Booths for seven days to Yahua.” Then again in verse 39 “observe the Festival for seven days.” And again in verse 40 “Rejoice before Yahua of Elohim for seven days.” And verse 41, “And you shall observe it as a festival to Yahua for seven days in the year. A law forever in your generations. Observe it in the seventh month.” And again in verse 42, “Dwell in booths for seven days.”

    No other festival is emphasized by this kind of repetition. But do we read about the Great Day?

    On the Eighth day there shall be a SET-APART gathering for you, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to Yahua. It is a closing festival. (verse 36) “On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.”

    It is not part of the seven days. It is a NEW day! If you have read “Enoch: The Book Behind the Bible” this might sound familiar. The Eighth “Day” is a symbol of the Eighth Week of Enoch’s vision of the “Weeks.” In this case the word “Day” and “Week” are references to “Ages.”

    And there shall be another, the eighth week of righteousness. And a sword will be given to it that a righteous judgment may be executed on the oppressors, and sinners will be delivered into the hands of the righteous. And at its close they shall acquire houses through their righteousness. And a house will be built for the Great King in glory (esteem) forever.”

    In other words, this is a “Bible or Scripture Code” that is a clue to those who have insight and understanding. The Great Day that is coming is tied to the Eighth Week of Enoch’s vision. But it is more than that. It is the NEW day that will start the “Weeks” or ages in which all Mankind will be brought to Life and Righteousness. The Eighth is a the dawn of a whole new way of Life! It begins the “time of gathering” of all the people of the world to bring them to an eternal life of righteousness.


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