YOM KPR: “The Day of the Lid” September 27 – 28, 2009

Although some call this day the “Day of Atonement” that would only be placed in the Hebrew Scriptures by unknowing translators. A “KPR” in Hebrew is a cover or a lid for a pot. Why is that important?

This day, much to the consternation of those who follow the Babylonian lunar calendar, always starts at sunset on the sixth day of the week, just prior to the weekly Sabbath. Because it is a fast day — no food or water — some tried to move the day to a more “convenient” position so that it would NEVER fall on a “Friday.” That means they can’t prepare food for the Sabbath. They created rules for “changing the times (years) and the seasons (months).”

Huh, sounds like the same kind of problem that Moses had to with the People after they came out of Egypt. The people arrived at their stopping on the 15th day of the second month, which was on Enoch’s calendar the sixth day of the week. They did not have time to prepare food and went to bed hungry. They were about to be taught a lesson. The next day, the 16th, was declared to be the Sabbath. And they had no food.

Oh, dear. What are they going to do. Now they had to go hungry for another day. Moses was told by Yahua to tell the people that they would be fed quail in the evening and in the morning they would receive food from “heaven” — manna.

Nevertheless, they still grumbled an complained to Moses. “Did you bring us out to this desert, where there is no food or water, to starve us to death. We were better off in Egypt where we had leeks and onions to eat. “

Hmm, that makes me wonder if that was the diet they were given to eat by the Egyptians.

I was teased yesterday at the restaurant where my friend and the waitress offered me an onion … They said it would be cut in half and seasoned with salt, as a salad option.

It might have made more sense if the People complained about meat, bread and other vegetable, would it not?

Anyhow, the People had no choice but to wait until the evening after the Sabbath to receive their meat. They were also told that in the following morning after the Sabbath, they would find manna on the ground which they could gather each day and make ‘manna cakes.” But on the seventh day they would not get any manna to gather, but they would get twice as much on the sixth day. The people still didn’t believe because many went out on the seventh day to gather.

This served to reinforce in the minds of the People that there really is a Sabbath day, and it was different that all other days of the week.

The Scriptures are silent when it comes to describing the manna that did not come on Yom KPR.

But the scriptures are not silent about that Day and why it is important in the life of the People and of the whole world!

The procedures that the instructions (Torah) give us is contained in a separate chapter in the Hebrew Scriptures. No other high day has so much space devoted to it.

But an entire Book in the Books of Enoch was devoted to what happened at that time.

During this time it was not unusual for beings from the Domain of Elohim to visit and communicate with humanity. These were called the “Watchers” in Enoch’s writing. We would call them “angels” today. But these were really Messengers sent to help those who would inherit salvation. However, as the population of the earth increased so also did the problems.

Led by a Watcher by the name of Samjaza, other Messengers found that the daughters of Mankind were beautiful and alluring. And they wanted to take wives to themselves and have children by them. To do this they made for themselves bodies that in their twisted way of thinking were well endowed with penises like those of horses. One account says that they took the form of the husbands. By sexually uniting with the women, the Watchers “sinned” or “committed a big error,” and caused the women to conceive and give birth to both sons and daughters.

There is only a brief reference to this in the book of Genesis, where it is written that they gave birth to giants, or at least to men of great stature: “three hundred cubits.” However, they also gave birth to women who were even more attractive than human women. In other words, they pushed the limits on both the male and female genetics, and these became a product of both physical and spiritual forces. But in doing this, these Messengers, the Watchers, missed the goal that was set before humanity and instead deceived and corrupted the human race!

From this tragedy has proceeded all the stories of giants that we love to teach our children: Jack and the Bean Stalk, the dragon slayers, and even the ogre Shrek! And not only that but also the Sirens of the Odysseus, witchcraft, false spirits, and prostitution also came from these.

Enoch records who was responsible for these problems and what will become of them. He wrote how these offspring of spiritual and physical powers became the demons and sirens of the earth. These would continue to plague humankind until the time of the their judgment and sentencing.

But the great error of the Watchers did not stop with sex.

They also taught the use of makeup or face painting, charms, astrology, the use of contracts in place of righteousness, how to build weapons, and how to kill, how to make drugs or potions from plants, and many other things that humans in their innocence could have survived without.

This came about under the leadership of another Watcher named Azazel. Upon his head has been placed all of the deception that has turned humankind from the precious relation with their Creator into inter-personal relationships based upon doing wrong, and following partial and corrupt knowledge.

Azazel is the Hebrew word in Leviticus 16 concerning one of the two goats used in the Day of Atonement ( or Yom KPR). One goat was set apart for Eyahuwah and was sacrificed, “because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel, and because of their violations caused by all their errors and mistakes.”

The other goat was set-apart for “Azazel:”

“But the goat on which the lot for Azazel fell is caused to stand alive before Eyahuwah, to make atonement upon it, to send it into the wilderness to Azazel … Then Aaron shall lay both his hands on the head of the live goat, and shall confess over it all the crookedness of the children of Israel, and all their violations caused by their errors and mistakes, and shall put them on the head of the goat, and shall send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a fit man. And the goat shall bear on itself all their crookedness, to a land cut off. Thus, he shall send the goat away into the wilderness.

Why send this goat away after confessing over it the errors, mistakes, and crookedness of the People?

Because Azazel, the Watcher who led the people astray was taken to a set place on earth to be kept incarcerated until the time of judgment. This is the meaning of the service of the Day of Covering.

Yet few now even know that Messengers under the leadership of Azazel are held accountable for the problems and crookedness that brings all the suffering and trouble upon human kind even to this day.

Instead we get “cute” and call it the day of “At – one – ment.” What this High Day really tell us is that the responsibility for sin must be placed on the head of another, and that this crookedness and massive error is “not our fault.” It is the fault of the one who brought it to earth in the first place.

It is this understanding that makes Enoch’s Book of the Watchers so very important to our spiritual well-being and life. The Hebrew word translated “atonement” is KPR  which means to “cover as with a lid” (Aaron’s two hands on the head of the goat for Azazel.)  By “putting a lid on it” and sending if off to Azazel in the wilderness shows that the crookedness and wrong-doing was caused by the Watchers who went astray, not to the people who suffer because of it. But the uncleanness and corruption of the people will be atoned for by the sacrifice that was for Yahua.

Yom Kippur is the “Day of Covering.” The “Day of Atonement” came to be in the 16th Century. Enoch recorded the true story in “The Book of the Watchers.”

From Enoch, The Book Behind the Bible.

On this day not only should you read the Book of the Watchers, but also Leviticus 16. However, there is a mistranslation in many English translations of Leviticus 16. The word translated “scapegoat” is really the name Azazel. If you can read Hebrew you would see that. A “scapegoat” is today someone upon whom responsibility is placed for some error, mistake, or crookedness, but it implies that the “scapegoat” takes the blame, even though that one is innocent. ]

But that is not the case with Azazel. He and the other messengers that followed him really were responsible and guilty. They were hardly “scapegoats” as we now understand that term. They actually did the deeds that led to the corruption of the human race. For which we continue to suffer!

14 thoughts on “YOM KPR: “The Day of the Lid” September 27 – 28, 2009

  1. Carol

    The act of ‘puttting a lid on’ the sinfullness, is that what is being referenced in Zechariah 5? Why does the messenger tel Zech that there is a house in Babylon being built for it? Why 2 winged women carrying it away?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach Post author

      The woman, called “Wickedness” is the “mother” of all wickedness in the earth, past, present, future. She is taken to a place prepared for her in Babylon. Babylon is the “Mother of harlots and abominations.” Because Babylon is responsible for all killing, including killing from war, murder, hatred, and wickedness, this woman will be destroyed when Babylon falls. All deceit, crime, evil, and wicked is traced to Babylon. So “wickedness” is removed from the world and will cease to be part of the world. The two woman (like storks) carry her final home. This is like the goat for Azazel being taken by a fit man to Azazel who has been cut off from the world. This, of course, is symbolic and a vision, and it will happen.

  2. Pamela

    Yes, thank you! It is awe inspiring to grasp and I appreciate your teaching on this!! It fills me with such a feeling of wonder. Thank you.

  3. Pamela

    Okay.. so the One who we call Father. The One who Yahushua calls Father. This Father, the one Enoch calls Elah. The Most High, The Ancient of Days, Almighty God, El Shaddai, I AM. He is His own Lamb? Is this what you are saying? He is the Lamb who was slain, and He is the Father? Why do you speak as if in riddles? Speak plainly of this. Why would Yahushua say in Yohanan 17:11, “And I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, AND I COME TO YOU, Set-apart Father, guard them in Your Name which You have given Me, so that they might be one, as We are.” How could He come to Him if He was Him? Isn’t He speaking of unity? Please tell me this: Do you believe Yahushua is the Lamb of Elohim?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      The Book of Enoch reveals two specific entities apart from the Ancient of Days. They are all part of the Elohim. One is called the Son of Man who was given a Name. The Other is called the Lord of Spirits. Enoch and the esteemed Messengers held the Lord of Spirits in the greatest awe. He is the One who became The Father when Yahua was born in the flesh and named Yahushua — “Yahua our Deliverer.” The Lord of the Spirits or the Father is the one to whom Yahua/Yahushua called upon. It was also from the Lord of Spirits that the great Set-Apart Spirit came and became the Mother in whose womb all who have been conceived by EL are placed (John/Yohanan 1). The Mystery of the Bridal Chamber and “conception,” new birth, “born again” are all powerful spiritual messages that few seem to grasp. Yahua/Yahushua is the Lamb of EL, as it was part of the job of the “Son of Man” to redeem or buy back human kind for EL. All these powerful Spiritual Beings are manifestations of EL who “Brought them forth out of Himself.” So they are called Elohim — the Mighty Ones of EL. It was Yahua who made the life and death covenant with the people. Therefore, only He, as one party to the agreement, had the power to pay their debt and buy them back from the one who wanted to kill them all. He came to His own but they did not receive Him. Read John 1. For us to see these spiritual things, we must come out of and overcome our religious misconceptions. I hope I have spoken these things plainly for you.

  4. Pamela

    This was planned for us, yet it is not all about us, is it? The question was “could it be possible that Yahushua being called the lamb of God is in error?” I know for myself and I am sure others, that so much of the deception is being stripped away through trial and tribulation. At one point, all I had left, and I had to fight to hold on to, was that I believe in the Creator, The Father of Lights, His Son The Messiah, and the power and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And with that He began to rebuild what He wanted me to believe. I say this because I sometimes feel when I read things like what you wrote above about the Malkitsedeq, that the Master is not receiving the esteem that is due Him. Yes, He was not the first righteous one, yet He is the Lamb of Elohim. Who of us can lay claim to such a title as that? I struggle to live each day in righteousness. I question whether or not I am deceiving myself as thinking I am being called to such a high and holy calling as one of the Sons of El. He is the first among many brethren, yes, yet without Him we would not have had a prayer. We would have been lost. I know from your writings that Enoch prayed for a remnant, yet, you know that It was The Father Himself that brought that salvation through His Son who is the Lamb and worthy of that respect. People speak of enlightenment with the Christ Consciousness and we know that is not the path, as they deny the sovereignty of the Son. Is that what the Master spoke of when He said ‘many will come in my name and say “I am the Christ”‘?, I don’t know. I do know we must esteem Him for He is worthy to receive honor from us. We may well be the kings and priests of mankind, yet only because of His great love for us. Forgive me if I am wrong in my perception of your writing. I know I was led to your website and I know that it is truth. Simple things are sometimes better, as He says He uses them to confound the wise. Simply, Yahua is the Lamb of Elohim. Blessings to you, Pamela Elizabeth

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Think about this: Yahua (the Name of the one in the Hebrew Scriptures and translated “Lord God”) and Yahushua (written about by the apostles) are One and the same. This seems to be missed by nearly everyone. Perhaps, it is because they don’t want to believe that it could be true? The deception lies in thinking that they are two separate entities, but that is not the truth, is it? There is only one Deliverer or Savior. And He is heavily involved in the process of doing His job.

  5. Pamela

    It is why He is called a priest according to the order of Malkitsedeq.(Psalms 110:4) In Revelation, “and I looked and saw in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures and in the midst of the elders a Lamb standing, as having been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of Elohim sent out into all the earth. And He came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him sitting on the throne…[and the creatures and elders sing] You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals, because You were slain, and have redeemed us to Elohim by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation… [and the messengers, the living creatures, and the elders sing] Worthy is the Lamb having been slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and respect and esteem blessing!”… “See the Lamb of Elohim!”(Yohanan 1:36)

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Melchizedek literally means “King of Righteousness.” According to the Book of Jasher, chapter 3, Enoch was made the first “King of Righteousness.” He taught many people at their request and they were saddened when he was taken from them. Following Enoch, Seth (Noah’s son) was also a “King of Righteousness” and the founder of Jerusalem. Abraham paid tithes to him. It was planned that the descendants of Jacob also be Kings of Righteousness and this was confirmed in a covenant on the f irst Feast of Firstfruits when the people arrived at the plains of Sinai. This important covenant preceded the “Life and Death” covenant that was made two days later. It has largely been overlooked and ignored by many who claim to know the Bible. That brief incident that happened on the 15th day of the third month foreshadows what will take place on on the first Feast of Firstfruits of the next age. Then the righteous from all tribes, nations, and time during the first seven ages will be presented to their Father and will be given the rule of all nations. This is also not only a new age, but the beginning of the great revelation of the Sons of EL — the next manifestation of Life! This was planned for US before the universe was created!

  6. Elaine Story

    Good Afternoon Dr. Sakach. My family and I really got into the teaching of Yom Kippur this year. My kids really enjoyed it and now they truly know who the scapegoat is. Over the last few weeks I myself have been looking at the offerings and sacrifices. I have a question for you and I hope you can answer it. John 1:29 says, “Behold, The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” In studying this… I can’t really find a time that a male lamb was used as a sin offering. I’ve heard it said that Yahushua is our Passover Lamb…. but… that blood was not used for the forgiveness of sin, but for protection from death which sin causes. The only two offerings that I can relate to Yahushua is; the first goat of Yom Kippur and the Red Heifer sacrifice. I couldn’t ask anyone else this because I would probably be burned at the stake…. but….. could it be possible that Yahushua being called the lamb of God is in error? Because if you look at it in the light of the first goat.. He actually came to cleanse the Tabernacle (us) which dwells in the midst of uncleanness, so He could live within us. I hope this doesn’t sound to crazy… but I could really use your wisdom on this. Thank you…. Elaine Story

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

      Interesting question. Because the meaning of the sacrifices is unknown and because Christians tend to think, wrongly, that “all sacrifices apply to Jesus.” So instead of understanding they make an icon of “Jesus” and of the any sacrifice. So what “Lamb” is John 1:29 referring to. Although there are many lambs sacrificed throughout they year, there is really only one Lamb that applies to Yahua/Yahushua as a “ayment for our sins.” And surprising this sacrifice was not offered on either a Feast or a High Day. This was a special sacrifice that was to be made at the very beginning of the Feast of Weeks. This is the first day of the week after the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It the time of the Wave Sheaf offering! Not only was the first-fruits of the harvest — a sheaf of grain — to be presented in the morning after the Sabbath or at “the dawn” of the first day of the week. Symbolically this would be before the “Foundation of the World” or the beginning of Enoch’s Seven “Weeks.” The other part of the offering was “a Male Lamb, a perfect one, as a burnt offering to Yahua.” Enoch’s “First Week” includes the first “creation week.” And the calendar started on the fourth day. So again, the Lamb slain before the foundation or creation of the world! Why? Because Yahua had already known that He would have to take care of that which was lacking in the entire human race. The destiny of humanity was known beforehand, and the plan was know before the universe was created. Therefore a sacrifice was necessary to cover the debt. Therefore a life and death agreement was made between the People of Israel and Yahua. But first the People of Israel had agreed to the Kings and Priests Covenant on the 15th day of the third month. By doing this before the life and death covenant, they now could stand in proxy for all humankind — including those who had died and those who live, and those who had yet to live. Then a couple of days later they made another covenant at Sinai which was the life and death covenant. So what happened when the People did not keep the covenants? Yahua came to earth and in the flesh took the lashes that were for all the kings from David’s line, and he was slain to pay the price of the covenant for all humanity. He could only do this as the first party in the agreement. It was all very well thought out and no mistakes were made. It was the intention of Yahua of Elohim to purchase all humankind so that he could destroy any power the adversary might claim over anyone, dead, living or yet to live. Then when He was raised from the dead, He was given all power in heaven and on earth, and He told his disciples to take this great news to the world. By the way, remember that no grain, bread, roasted grain was to be eaten during the seven weeks of the Feast of Weeks. Why? Because the “harvest” was not to realized until after the Seven Weeks have ended! See why the Torah is so fascinating. This is obviously much more than what the Christians claim that Jesus “died for our sins,” is it not? And if you don’t “join their church” you will burn in hell forever. Yikes, what nonsense! The Truth of the Torah is an extremely powerful message that beats any other, isn’t it? Now, take a look at the sacrifices that are part of the actual Feast Day — the Feast of Firstfruits. Remember this is the day that the Kings and Priests covenant was made (Exodus 19). Later the sacrifices were added before the People entered the Land. The Feast of Firstfruits is also the time when the Wave Loaves are offered. These were two loaves cut from one loaf and made with leaven. Leaven is a symbol of sin which permeates the loaf. The division of the loaves comes from “your dwelling” and is a symbol of the division and union in humankind between male and female. Even the symbols of “male and female” is rich with meaning as no creation is possible, whether physical or spiritual apart from the physical or spiritual conception. Study the meanings of the Hebrew letters, (555), (666) and (777). 555 is the number of woman, while 666 is the number of man. And 777 is the number of the union between man and woman from which all creation comes — physical and spiritual. This is why the union of man with man, and woman with woman is such an anathema. But that will all go away in the future age. OK, but there are sacrifices. “You shall bring seven lambs a year old, perfect ones.” What are these? Following the plan, these are obviously groups of people. There are at least two ways this can be viewed, although they are very close in meaning. This can represent the people that came out of the seven weeks and learned righteous and truth in the face of bitter adversity. Or these could be those who came out of spiritual adversity through the deceptive religions practices that attempt to delude the people. These are referred to as the “overcomers” in Revelation. They are not “the church” in its many forms. Remember this symbolism is focused on the 1,335 day, which as I have written else is the first Feast of Fruitfruits/Feast of Weeks of the next or Eighth Week — the Day when the Kings and Priests will be revealed to humankind!

  7. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

    This day is without doubt one of the most spiritual and meditative time periods. it calls for us to neither eat nor drink from sunset to sunset. Many people freak out if they miss even one meal. But what about eating and drink nothing at all for a whole day! I found it to be a time of prayer, study, and meditation. It is also the longest day of the year — relatively speaking. The act of fasting extends the time, at least that is what you will think everytime to keep this Day. And that is a good thing, is it not? The point is to know that even though you feel like “dying” you learn that you have been cared for by Yahua and the Good Messengers. Your life is preserved because the two main problems — the cause of the afflictions and troubles does not fall on your head, but on Azazel’s. And the debt of the wrongdoing that you did because of his false teachings has been paid by Another. Who by the way, now owns you and is concerned about your well-being — for now and in the future. I long for the time when the deceivers will be gone and we will both see and participate in the true manifestation of what was originally conceived before the universe was created. We are at the cusp of the catastropic end of the first manifestation. The wonderful restoration of life and purity of the next manifestation is just ahead.

    1. calvin

      Is Azazel,Satan?..and all that is wrong in the world[sin]..not mans fault,but these watchers?..And YAHWEH AND YAHUSHUA are all ONE AND THE SAME?…Where does the HOLY SPIRIT fit in ..or is the Holy spirit ,Yahweh and Yahushua all one?..and not three but diffrent entities.But still one?….Thanks for your info

      1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D. Post author

        Azazel is “a Satan.” There were others who were also “satans” The word “satan” means “adversary.” However, from Enoch and Leviticus the responsibility for the sin of the people falls on the head of Azazel. He started and managed all the infusion of false knowledge. Yom KPR is the High day that acts out the placing of the blame on Azazel’s head and his incarceration. Yes, Yahushua (“Jesus”) is Yahua in the flesh. Yahweh is a mispronunciation of the Name “EE AH OO AH”. The Apostles recognized the feminine properties of RUACH (“Spirit”) and thought of the Spirit as the Mother. But that is something that goes beyond the scope of a comment. As far as “ONENESS” goes everything comes from the essence and power of EL. And since Yahua is the Son of EL, He is also One with EL, but a separte entity. We have a problem in the English to understand how this works.


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