Secrets hidden in the Hebrew alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet is more than letters. Each letter has a number and belongs to a group of nine letters, and each letter holds a special esoteric meaning. When the letters are combined into words and sentences, the spoken and written words reveal knowledge, wisdom and understanding regardless of the conversation. Hence, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear,” takes on a new meaning!

The Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism, is believed to be very old and may have been a practice of the Prophets and of the Fathers. However, the Zohar, perhaps the largest single body of written material on the Kabbalah, is rabbinical. There was a resurgence of the Kabbalah about 700 years ago.

The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters. Five letters are written differently at the end of words. The 22 letters plus the final form of the five letters combine to form a complete alphabet of 27 letters.

The 27 letters are divided into three groups of nine characters each in alphabetical order. The letters are given the numbers 1 – 9, 10 – 90, and 100 – 900. The letters and groups are also given special meanings. The first group represents the time before the beginning. The second group represents the time commencing with the manifestation of all things through the creation process and is our time. The third group represents the final manifestation of Life following the resurrections. This group contains the final form of the five special letters. In other words, each group of letters represents a different phase of a master plan for Life.

Each of the letters in each of the groups has a meaning that pertains specifically to the state of the process and to archetypes in that group. The first group of letters shows the different aspects of the meditative creation of the grand plan: the creation of Knowledge.

The second group of letters shows the archetypes of the creation wherein exists a plurality of both life and death, and good and evil. This represents the time that we live in now. It can be considered the time of the creation of potential and the prototype.

The third group of letters shows the reality of the final manifestation of Life, where there is only good and abundance of Life. It shows a future with no death and no evil that is the final Manifestation of that which was conceived before the beginning in the Grand Plan.

Aleph(1), Beth(2), Gimel(3), Daleth(4), He(5), Vau(6), Zayin(7), Cheth(8), and Teth(9) contain the original pattern or knowledge(archetype) of what is to be manifested. All ideas and knowledge behind the creation of all things was first formed and is represented by the first nine letters.

Yod(10), Caph(20), Lamed(30), Mem(40), Nun(50), Samekh(60), Ayin(70), Pe(80), Tzaddi(90) are higher states of the first nine. This is middle or temporary manifestation of what is contained in the plan. This state was never intended to last forever and so contains life and death, good and evil. In this time that which is good will pass through this “fire” and be proven to surpass both evil and death. This is the time of Man (male and female.)

Qoph(100), Resh(200), Shin(300), Tau(400), Final Caph(500), Final Mem(600), Final Nun(700), Final Pe(800), and Final Tzaddi(900) represent the most exalted state conceived of in the first nine. Those that pass through the middle state and come out purified will shine like the stars and lead the rest of human kind (Man:male and female) to deathless existence. This is the time that all of creation waits for. It is the time of the Kingdom of Elahim and the revelation of the Sons of Elahim (the exalted state of Man.)

In short, hidden within the Hebrew alphabet and in connection with Hebraic mysticism lies the entire plan of Life from the time “before the beginning” until the time of deathless existence.

As noted, whenever Hebrew is written or spoken the letters prophesy “higher” knowledge, regardless of the “lower” content.

For example, the Hebrew word in Genesis 1:1 for “In the beginning” is “berashith”. The names of the letters are Beth, Resh, Aleph, Shin, Yod and Teth. However, when we add the esoteric meanings of the Hebrew letters we get:

All containers, vessels, habitations (Beth:2) were contained in the universal cosmic container (Resh:200) in order to bring about the manifestation of the dual principle of life and death, positive and negative (Aleph:1). This produced the steady-state continuity (Yod:10), which was conceived by the union of the Spirit of the Creator (Shin:300) with the initial female power (Teth:9).

There is only one universal cosmic container (Resh) and it contains all other containers. Nothing is left out, including the manifestation of the Creator. The act of creation is revealed here as an act of conception followed by birth through the union of male and female powers in the Creator.

Reflecting back on the information in the Upanishads, and in the Egyptian sources, (See Before the Beginning) there is a very strong parallel between what was written in them and what is contained in the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew word we translate “In the beginning.” This meaning implies that there were events and powers before the beginning that worked together to produce universal and unending existence. That includes the universes including the one we experience now and the promised “New Heavens and New Earth.”

It also includes the manifestation of the Creator in the container of the Spiritual Domain or Heaven and through the link of Life that is shared by All, both Elohim and Man.

In Genesis 1:1 the Creator’s name is Elohim. The Hebrew letters in that name are Aleph, Lamed, He, Yod and Final Mem. Here is what they tell us:

The dual principle of all that exists and all that does not exist, of life and death, positive and negative (Aleph:1) is linked to our conscious awareness (Lamed:30) and to universal Life (He:5) and was manifested in the temporary state (Yod:10) through the the power of what will be the final creative state of Man in both mind and body: a Son in the Family of Elahim (Final Mem:600.)

In other words, the esoteric meaning of Elahim is: The initial principle (Aleph) led to our current existence, which is linked to our conscious awareness (Lamed) of the Creator, to our Self — to universal Life (He). All that exists now is a manifestation of the initial thoughts (Aleph) in a temporary state (Yod) and was produced by the power that will eventually be in Man forever (Final Mem.)

El is All and in All and is manifested to All through all that is created. Life brings us to conscious awareness and realization. Elohim is a manifestation of the thoughts and knowledge of El. And out of El also came One who was chosen before the beginning through whom will come the final Manifestation:

Through Him [the Chosen One] all things were made. Without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was Life and that Life was the Light of Man. John 1:3-4

Starting from a principle or completed thoughts and meditations (Aleph: 1) came the manifestation of life and death, good and evil, in (Yod:10), but from this, as was designed from the before the beginning, will come the exalted state of Qoph (100) wherein there is only Life and Good.

“When the most mysterious wished to reveal Himself, He first produced a single point which was transmuted into a thought, and in this He … graved with the sacred and mystic lamp a mystic and most holy design, which was a wondrous edifice issuing from the midst of thought. This … was the beginning of the edifice, existent and non-existent, deep-buried, unknowable by name….And upon this secret the world is built.” Zohar 1:6 (1:1b-2a).

As I said this is an esoteric and mystical revelation of the entire plan of all that exists and does not yet exist, both seen and unseen: it is the knowledge and understanding of our future.

Next, we will examine the role that Hebraic sacred geometry plays in helping us see the past, present, and future hinted at in the current Kabbalah tree.

17 thoughts on “Secrets hidden in the Hebrew alphabet

  1. alvena nelson

    hi, thank you for this informative talk. At 30yrs I happened to go thru a transformation, I truly sat in a state of knowing only myself as “I am, that, I am”..I have never followed any doctrine, only my own spiritual heart. I find this mentioned in the bible. I would like to hear your ideas on the variations of this statement. In my experience it was a surrender, arriving at the pure essence after a dying off of all preconditioned beliefs, ideas etc etc..( a 7 day intensive discapline) I have heard it relates to ‘I exist’ and this also is very telling. I have a giggle at the Empirical madness that insists that paper work must support the appearance of a human or he does not exist! to me, this worlds madness starts and finishes with the idea that one man tells another he needs authorisation to exist…liberation or freedom of spirit is surely then more psychological before it can climb into the higher spheres. thanks again..alvena

    1. Timothy J. Sakach

      Hi to you, Alvena, Sorry for the delay. I have been very busy, since I got my sight back (cataracts and diabetes). I have been cured of both as an answer to fervent prayer. What you experienced and have come to learn sounds like a work of the Spirit of Yahua. This you would have received from both the Father (EL) and his son (Yahua). Hopefully that does not sound strange to you. However, there are key revelations in the Scripture that can trigger growth, increased wisdom and understanding.

      The record of the Moses experience on Mt. Horeb is fascinating and much misunderstood. He was actually met by a Messenger from Yahua. The Messengers are called in Scripture, “the mighty ones” (plural) and in mass they are referred to in the Hebrew as the ELOHIM. This messenger was speaking to Moses It was the Messenger of Yahua who appeared in the flaming bush. When He spoke to Moses he spoke the words of Yahua. but when Moses spoke, he spoke to the Elohim. Just which messenger spoke to Moses is not relevant to this conversation. When asked the Messenger did not say in Hebrew “yahua asher yahua” but that appears as aramaic in the translation “ayah ashar ayah.” The Hebrew for “ha-yah” means “the one who exists”. “Yahua” is derived from that root. So did the Messenger use a play on words to hide the Name as opposed to revealing it? I don’t think so. Therefore, it makes me wonder if the scribes and pharisees actually changed this passage from Hebrew to Aramaic according to their bias. They and biased translators did this throughout the Hebrew Scriptures to hide the Name with HA-SHEM, ADONAI, YAHWEH, LORD, GOD, and even BAAL!

      You are right about the widespread madness in this world. The deception is very strong indeed! We are living in the latter years of the “Seventh Week” of Enoch’s dream vision. It is a fact that this “age” is an age of apostasy during which judgment will fall upon both deceivers and the the deceived. Then a new age, “the Eighth Week” of righteousness will begin and continue forever.

      The actual Hebrew of this passage spoken by ELOHIM, the Messenger of Yahua, “He says to you ‘I am becoming what I shall become, therefore say to the sons of Israel, ‘he shall become’ the one who sends me to you.’” A fascinating play on words: He is becoming what he will become, therefore He will become the One who sent Moses to the sons of Israel. It is a process. Therefore Yahua shall be to us what He shall be, and that appears to be a revelation.

  2. George Franks

    Hi Tim, I have studied hebrew for the past number of years,and if I say hebrew meaning the letters,midrashes,cabalah and various commentries,last but not least Torah.I am a born into a christian family,but upon leaving school,started with these studies.My goal is not to become a pastor of sorts,but to better understand G-d from His eternal perspective. My question is the way that you bring all concepts together,is it just from studying,and if so what would you suggest ? George

    1. Timothy J. Sakach

      I started very early as an impressionable child. Early on I learned to love EL with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. That started me on a path that has led to an incredible set of experiences that were guided by the Spirit and the help of Messengers. I did go to colleges with the intent to become a minister. But the Spirit diverted me from that path. I found myself at odds with churches, and turned down offers for me to join them as a teacher or pastor. But they insisted that I agree under oath to teach only from their “body of knowledge and doctrine.” I refused. My true education began back in the 60s. During this time the Spirit guided me into the truth. And because I was walking with others who prided themselves on their supposed “positions of authority,” I had to keep quiet, and hide my discoveries. In the 80′s I began to write and publish my findings. This included the discovery of the truth about the 1335 days and the knowledge of the Enoch Calendar. I recommend to anyone starting on this path to start from the beginning of Scripture: The Book of Enoch, otherwise known as Enoch 1. This is the only book of Enoch that should be considered Scripture. It is the same book known to the apostles and prophets. It is quoted in Jude and can be seen as a background influence in the prophets. It is the Calendar that was taught to the Israelites starting at the time of the Exodus. From Enoch, one should become familiar with the Torah, obtain the knowledge of the history of Israel, then understand the writings of the Prophets in full context, and finally, the writings of the Apostles. After that one can safely pay NO attention to Paul’s epistles.

  3. michele beaufoy

    This is very interesting stuff…especially as I have been having “visions” of the letter H. Can you tell me anything about this letter. I know IHVH is the Hebraic for Jehovah. Thankyou

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D.

      The ancient Hebrew vowel “he” was pronounced “e or ah” The Name YHWH was made up of Hebrew vowels only! “HE” was two of those vowels. The pronunciation of the Name is “ee – ah – oo – ah” or “Yahua.” The consonant sounds form naturally between the vowels: “ee (y) ah (h) oo (w) ah.” This later wound up as YHWH because of the false assumption that there were no vowel sounds in Hebrew! This is a recent tradition probably dating from the 10th century CE. The meaning of “HE” from the above page:( HE (ARMS): {h,e,ah} The principle or concept of universal life. The principle behind creation. The arms hold or bind, as in a covenant.) seems to tell us about the source of life that all creatures and plants, etc., share from creation. This Life holds us in a binding covenant that eternal life, though not of this age, is the ultimate destiny of humanity. And that is something worth dreaming about.

      1. Daniel

        Wondering if you have more info on the “ee ah oo ah” pronunciation. I read somewhere that the Rabbis in Iraq believe this is who YHWH is pronounced, but I lost that source; it fits Josephus’ statement in Wars of the Jews book 5 ch5 p7. Do you have any supporting documenation to that fact, as I do believe that is how it is pronounced, only I need more scholarly support.

        1. Timothy J. Sakach

          Leonora Leet, author of The Sacred Doctrine of the Kabbalah: Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science, wrote at some length about the correct pronunciation of the Name. She concluded that the ONLY way to say the name was EE-AH-OO-AH. This is based upon the transition of Hebrew into a modern dialect of the language. One concept about Hebrew was that it contained NO VOWELS. And this happened about 1,000 AD. It was and still is a bogus conclusion. She said that the Name consists of only ancient Hebrew VOWELS. So where did YAHWEH and YHVH come from? It had to come from Pharisees, Scribes, and Rabbies after the temple was destroyed in 70AD. It was at that time that the Pharisees and Rabbis virtually left the Hebrew Scriptures which their scribes corrupted. See Jeremiah 8:7-10. The false pen of the scribes created falsehood. So how can they say, “We are wise because the Torah of Yahua is with us.” “The false pen of the scribes created falsehood.” They rejected the Word of Yahua, what wisdom is in them?” In another place Yahua said that He would take away His Name from their lips, because they only speak falsehood.

          For this reason, they can only say YAHWEH, YHVH, Ha Shem, Adonai, Lord (Ba’al) or much later Jehovah!

          EH-AH-OO-AH was meant to be sung as part of the mystical nature of true Hebrew. And when sung, the consonants show up between the vowels. And this is the only sound they could hear. EE -(y)-AH-(h)-OO-(w)-AH. The first two vowel elide to EEAH and the last two vowels to OOAH. Many prophets and kings had YAHU as part of their names: including ELYAHU (“Elijah”), YIRMEYAHU, YESHIYAHU and even today NetanYAHU. The last vowel (AH) expands the meaning of the Name YAHU-A to indicate that He is bound to the people by an oath. The same expansion is present in ELO-AH for the Almighty. That “Jesus” is really YAHU-A in the flesh is captured in the Hebrew: YAHUSHUA, which means “YAHU our Savior/Deliverer”.

  4. Yetzirah

    My father was a survivor of Auschwitz and the labor camps. My destiny by birthright and sacrifice is to fulfill the Will of HaShem. I am blind.

    1. Timothy Sakach, Ph.D.

      I am also struggling with potential blindness. But you are right and you will. The destiny of all is to fulfill the Will and Purpose. But some have been chosen to serve as Kings and Priests in the soon coming Age of Righteousness. They will be servants to the rest and the wicked will see the example and High Esteem given to the Branch of Righteousness and will turn from their futile ways and embrace the Life. After the children of Israel came out of Egypt, in the third month on the Feast of Firstfruits a specail message was given to Moses to give to the people. Speaking in the Name of “HaShem” Moses was told to tell them this: (From Exodus 19)

      “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to Myself. And now, if you diligently obey My voice, and shall guard My commands, then you shall be My treasured possession above all the peoples — for all the earth is Mine, and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a set-apart nation.” And the people answered together and said, “All that Yahua has spoken we shall do.”

      This covenant, made with our fathers on that High and set-apart day, is leading all the people of Israel including not only Judah (known as Jews), but also all of the nations of the lost ten tribes of Israel, known as Ephraim and Joseph, to the fulfillment of it at the end of this age. This is the Will and the Purpose! It will happen. I speak and write from the point of view of “Joseph” and “Ephraim.”

  5. Universal Life Church

    Very interesting take on things. You seem to have put allot of thought into the subject.

  6. Timothy Sakach, Ph.D.

    Dear Neighbor: The word made of the letters, Aleph, Tau is written between the word Elohim and the word translated:”the heavens” in Genesis 1:1. It also appears before the word translated: “the earth” where it contains the conjunction “and.” There are other places in Scripture where it appears untranslated. It is classed as a “particle.” It is translated using various English particles. For example, “Enoch walked with God after he begat )( Methusaleh.” In this it is translated “with” and left untranslated where it appears before Methusaleh. In other places it is translated: of, on, into, from, for, against. Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses, actually translates the word:

    At the beginning of God’s creating of the heavens and [of] the earth.

    As far as the statements in the Book of Revelation are concerned, the question is, “Was the book first written in Aramaic or Greek?” We don’t know. But if translated into Hebrew, it would read, “I am the Aleph and the Tau.” Also his name would be “Eyahushuah, HaMessiah” and the word translated “God” would be “Elohim.” The esoteric meaning from the Hebrew alphabet “Aleph(1) Tau(400)” would say, “I am the one who conceived in thought and is responsible for all that is (Aleph) and I am the archetype of all future spiritual Life (Tau),” where “archetype” means “the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies.” So He is both the originator and the prototype. He is the Firstborn, but not the only born or last born. His plan was to become like us, so that we might become like Him.

  7. elbesino

    May I ask you about the two Hebrew letters that are found untranslated according to The Interlinear Bible in Hebrew, Greek and English, where the letters “Aleph” and “Tav” (or tof, I’ve seen different variations)are found after the words “In the beginning”? I noticed them and learned they are (or were) the first and last letters of the Biblical Hebrew alephbet. I am curious because, to my amazement, in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, Jesus calls Himself “Alpha and Omega”, Greek for “A to Z” (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet). Are you aware of them? Is there any particularly noted reason for the letters being there, and not “translated”? Thank you El Besino (Spanish for “the neighbor”) Love thy neighbor Love, El Besino

  8. Timothy J. Sakach

    Understanding the Alef-Beis” by Leitner is available from Amazon. For more information click here or on the image below …


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