ELAH, ELAHIM, EYAHUWAH: Do we know the “God” of our fathers?

How is the “God” of our fathers different from other gods. Couldn’t we just believe in the one “God” that supposedly all people believe in, or is there something more?

Perhaps, you need to be reintroduced to our fathers. Starting with Adam, they include these: Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, Ham Japheth, and on to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These are all men who with their wives had a special connection with the spiritual realm. But they were not Jews, or of the religion of Judaism. Nor were they Catholic or Protestant. They did not belong to a religious institution or cult. But they all had a powerful spiritual connection that gave them immediate contact with their “God” and always had their prayers answered and not only that they even reasoned and argued with Him and made agreements that continue in force to this day!

“God” is the most common name used in the English translations. But what concepts come to mind when the word “God” is read or heard? Do you get a vision of some bearded angry being sitting off in “heaven” looking down on us to strike us down if we do bad things? Or do you see a statue standing in some “sacred” building. Chances are that whatever image we conjure up through the word “God” is not the same entity our fathers knew and worshipped.

It is time we all had a clear picture of Who it was that so influenced our fathers that we are who and what we are today and who we eventually will be in our lifetime.

The promise to our father Abraham was that El-Shaddai (the One with all power) would be Elahim () to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and through Jacob. Unfortunately, we cannot understand that because our English translations almost always translate Elahim with the icon word: God. Even El-Shaddai is translated by the same word “God”, so we really don’t have a clue as to what was promised here and why it is so important.

Elahim is only one of the names translated “God” in the scriptures. The word has the Hebrew plural ending of “im“, which is overlooked and ignored as it often conflicts with our popular and mistaken notions about who or what is “God”. Elahim could be translated “The Mighty Ones”. Elahim has “sons” called, “The Sons of Elah,” and these are part of Elahim. In the first chapter of Genesis Elahim said, “Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness.” The enigma of the uniplural word Elahim remains.

As a result of traditional teachings about who or what “God” is, we are told about a “Trinity”. However, the first trinity was Cush (the father), Semiramis (the mother), and Nimrod (the son). Later the trinity became Semiramis, Nimrod and Tammuz. They called themselves “God”. Semiramis was also known as Ishtar and Astarte, from which we get our popular word “Easter”. Tammuz was the child of his father Nimrod, who cohabited with his own mother Semiramis. This religious system formed the basis for all our religious culture and symbolism. It has infiltrated all that we know and have been taught about god, the trinity and the popular religious holidays.

This never was the “God” of our fathers even though our fathers had to put up with and fight against what was rapidly becoming a great world-wide deception.

Elahim is a powerful, spiritual manifestation by El-Shaddai, the One with all power. It is important to understand that Elahim is a manifestation of El-Shaddai as a Domain in which are Entities who carry out His great plan. Elahim is just as real as we are, but with all the power needed to carry out the plans and purposes of El-Shaddai. Elahim is both part of Creation and the Creator of all that exists in this, our physical realm. When we understand we will see that Elahim means the “Family of Elah!”

Elahim has its own Domain wherein are many powerful spiritual entities. These carry out the plans and actions of the One. In other words, the One manifests Life as the Father, the Son, and as a host of messengers, as those who perform the actions needed both in a spiritual domain and in this physical domain. This includes communicating with human kind in visions, dreams, and by direct contact with the messengers. It also includes the actual building of and the quickening of the physical/mortal containers of the Life of the One — US! They do what they do also in this custom designed physical domain to support our physical life! We and all we see are also a physical manifestation of Elahim and therefore a manifestation of Elah. We all have the gift Life only in a temporal domain. But our destiny before there was a universe with stars, planets, moons and energy, was to inherit the eternal and immortal life of Elahim.

The meaning of the Hebrew “Elahim” is derived by examining the esoteric meaning of each Hebrew letter used in the Hebrew spelling of Elahim. The meaning is: “Elah is All and in All and is manifested to All through the act of conception and giving birth to All that exists and bringing this to conscious awareness through the Life that is in All.”

All means everything. Nothing is left out. And that includes the manifestation of Elah called Elahim.

This is the Elahim of our Fathers. The manifestation of Elahim requires no religion, no ceremonies, no burning of candles, no symbols, and no church. It only requires the recognition of the Life that is in you, me, and all that exists. Through this Life comes the Light of human kind — the wisdom and understanding that can be ours through meditation and contemplation.

Elahim was never used in reference to the gods of the other nations except in one instance. This is recorded in the first chapter of second Kings. Ahaziah, king of Israel, injured himself and sent messengers saying, “Go and consult Baal-Zebub, the ‘Elahim‘ of Ekron, to see if I will recover from this injury.” Elijah (El-eyahu, Hebrew pronunciation), a prophet, received word of this and went to meet the messengers and said to them, “Is it because there is no Elahim in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zebub, the ‘Elahim‘ of Ekron? Therefore this is what the Lord says: You will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!” Calling Baal-Zebub (an invention from the Semiramis, Nimrod, Tammuz religion) Elahim, was a great offense.

There is only One Elahim. All other gods do not have and cannot give Life. There is no other Elahim that can ever replace the Elahim of our fathers and of their descendants — even if the descendants themselves go after the gods of the other nations.

Another name is clumsily pronounced Yahweh, Yahveh or Jehovah. The name is made of four Hebrew letters () and is referred to as the Tetragrammaton. Some claim the pronunciation to be unknown.

But, that is not true.

The word consists of only ancient Hebrew long vowels. The word was intoned by the priests of Israel as “ee-ah-oo-ah”. Later consonant sounds were added simply because the intonation of the vowels flowed through consonant transitions and became “ee-ya-hoo-wah”. Try singing the vowels sounds above and you will see how the consonants form naturally as you pass from one vowel sound to the next. I will be using the name Eyahuwah in reference to the entity referred in the Scriptures by the Tetragrammaton.

Also the pronunciation of the name is captured in the Hebrew pronunciation of Elijah: El-ee-ah-oo or El-eeyahoo.

In contrast to the gods of Nimrod, which our fathers knew did not exist, Eyahuwah means the “One who does exist.” And the name implies the One “who was and is and is to come” or the “I AM”. Eyahuwah is often translated as “LORD” in the Scriptures. That translation really is very weak and clouds understanding.

Eyahuwah is a very important name to understand when read in the context of the scriptures. It implies the timeless nature of Elahim and is very important to understand the role of Eyahuwah in the events of the past, present and future of human kind. I choose to use the name, Eyahuwah, in my writings as the word LORD hides the name. Eyahuwah is also the One who makes it happen as He said in the promises to Abraham, “I AM the One who will do it”.

Again, Eyahuwah was chosen before there was a universe and before anything physical existed to be the One who would directly carry out the plan and lead humanity to its final destiny. It was determined beforehand, that the Son of Man, as he was called, would be manifested in the flesh, as a brother to all people, in order to establish that great spiritual bond between humans and Elahim — a bond that would lead to immortality and great spiritual power for people.

Eyahuwah became very important to our fathers. It was He who made the promises and covenants with them that are still affecting our lives and our future.

Understanding who really is the Elahim of our fathers, is vital to entering into a powerful relationship with the Elahim domain. Just blindly following a god who is not Elahim has been at the core of the problems and troubles we all face. It is not Elahim or Eyahuwah who brought troubles upon us, we have done this to ourselves by cutting ourselves off from who we really are, who are fathers are, and the powerful relationship they had with Elahim and Eyahuwah.

Eyahuwah Elahim, unfortunately translated “Lord God” in the Old Testament, was the one who set the choice before our father Adam and mother Eve — either the Tree of Life or The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Which did they choose? What kind of life have we lived since? One in which we learn first hand the results of both good and evil in this world. People want to blame Elahim for bringing evil on the world. It wasn’t Elahim. It was the choice made by our father Adam and mother Eve.

The time is coming when we will once again have access to the Tree of Life. We have had enough of learning life by suffering the from the evil we create. The time of sorrow, disease, and death is coming to an end. The world and the way to Life will be restored and Eyahuwah Elohim will wipe away our tears and bring us to great glory, power, and light through a Life that never ends.

We are living in the time of the end of the Seventh and last Age of human life under the burden of good and evil. The Eighth Age begins a new era unlike anything we have ever seen — and it begins with the first resurrection. This is what our fathers saw in the promises made to them by Eyahuwah. But they died without receiving them. Instead they saw them that will happen after the seven ages come to an end. They believed that what Eyahuwah Elahim promised, He was able to also bring it about. He is doing that even now.

6 thoughts on “ELAH, ELAHIM, EYAHUWAH: Do we know the “God” of our fathers?

  1. Carl Roberts

    Hello and thank you for the education! Just one question are both ELOHIM AND ELAHIM spellings correct? Seems the spelling with an O is more widely known/used?

    1. Timothy J. Sakach

      They are the same. It does not matter which spelling you use. By the way the ELOHIM are the ones who created our earth and universe and the systems we did not need. Look in the Hebrew for Genesis and you will it is about the ELOHIM (a uni-plural noun). The good ones created a good thing, but the evil ones brought the need for the great flood. So will it be with the ends of the days. A new age is coming when all the things of this world will be destroyed. This is all leading up to the New Age of righteousness.

      Yahua of ELOHIM is the “god” of our fathers.


    my friend and i had a discussion on the topic of who we are he was saying that we are made in ELAHIM, image and likeness FLESHY? but i said its a spiritual likeness not fleshy, can you send me a study on this, i mite be wrong myself yours Ian

    1. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D.

      Ian, What does it mean to be “living the eternal life”? This is a phrase that was spoken by the Lord of Spirits, who later became the “Father.” He said this to the messengers (angels) that sinned. Can we say that we are living the eternal now? I don’t think so, because we will die, won’t we? But what was said to us was that “Mankind was made for a little while LOWER than the Elohim (Elahim), and He crowned us with esteem and splendor. and He has put all things under our feet. So even though we may not look like much now and we are mortal doesn’t mean that was intended for us for ever, does it? We were made as copies of the Elohim, and even given a certain amount of creative spirit. But because we went astray, He still took us under His wings. As I wrote in other places, “Elohim/Elahim” is equivalent to “Family.” Not just any family, but a Family that “lives the Eternal life.” But our destiny has always been to be the Sons of EL — powerful, of high esteem and splendor, and immortal. So we are still in this “little while” lower than Elohim phase. But that is about to change. The next age will reveal the Sons of EL to the rest of creation. Then those who didn’t get it while they lived fully preoccupied with useless things during this life, will see the Sons of EL — the Sons of Righteous in the Kingdom or Family of EL. And then they will understand what Life is all about. They will reject their wickedness which they clung to so disparately before, and they will condemn their own foolish ways. Then with the Spirit of EL now in them, they will begin to reap the fruits of righteousness — and eventually be welcomed into the Family of EL like those who went before them. We don’t consider someone a Father, if He is only a figurehead father. Nor do we call the Spirit our Mother, unless She really is our mother. And the Firstborn of our Father, we can call our Brother. This is not sentimental playing around with words. This is the reality we face both now and forever.

  3. nadia

    Hallo !!! I was envolved in Messianic movement for years then I come to conclusion that it is a spirit of baal,baalzebub in operation Please inlighten my ;Whot you meen when in the end of article”He is doing thatevennow ” Thank you Nadia

    1. Timothy Sakach, Ph.D.

      How do you define “the Messianic movement” and how did you come to that conclusion? You must enlighten me about your experience. Regarding your question “What [do] you mean in the end of [the] article?” This is what I wrote. “They [the fathers of humanity] believed that what Eyahuwah [of] Elahim promised, He was able to also bring it about. He is doing that even now.” What this is saying is that “Yahua/Yahushua is doing exactly what He promised.” He made promises to the fathers, in particular to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and also to Enoch and Noah. And He kept the promises and is continuing to keep them as we approach the end of this age. It is in those promises and because He keeps His word, that we can have hope for the future.


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